Paradise Medspa

A brand & website refresh for a growing med spa.

Branding, Web Design & Development


Position Paradise Medspa & Wellness as a leader in their industry.

If your company is growing but your website always stays the same, it can start to do a disservice to your business. Outdated information and content that doesn’t reflect the scope of your company can mean that you’re missing out on business. Paradise Medspa knew this and wanted to bring their website up to their own standards.

Their current website was visually outdated, had too much content that wasn’t organized in an engaging way, and didn’t reflect their scope of services. They had a massive amount of content that needed to be translated to the website in a way that was engaging, attractive, and well organized.

We designed a website that provides a digestible amount of content initially, with more information available as you dig deeper. The design reflects current design trends with timeless elements, and the many service pages are organized and easy to navigate.

We’re proud of the results for Paradise Medspa & Wellness and thrilled that they loved it too!

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“We met Just Digital at a conference and called to set up an appointment. We were really impressed with what they had to offer we decided to make the investment in getting our new site. Our current site at the time had A LOT of information, services and wasn’t really user friendly. We are a medical spa practice and it was always difficult for us to strike a good balance between user experience, information and before/after images. We were always very word-heavy on our site.

Tanya and the team really took on this project and made it a huge success. We are thrilled with our rebranding of our site, logo, colors -everything. Very impressed with how it all came out; especially with what they had to work with prior.

Thank you to everyone for making our vision a reality!”

Charlie Queeno

Paradise Medspa & Wellness