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Med Spa Web Design: Four Common Mistakes
Med Spa Web Design: Four Common Mistakes (& How To Solve Them)

Dear Med Spa Owners of the world - everybody makes mistakes! When it comes to the realm of med spa…

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Revenue models for online coaching business
Revenue Models for a Successful Online Coaching Business

One of the foundational pieces of successful online coaching businesses is understanding the…

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6 tips for e-commerce optimization
E-Commerce Optimization: 6 Tips to Boost Your Sales

Morgan Stanley predicts US e-commerce to grow to an astonishing $5.6 trillion by 2026. All this…

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The Anatomy of a 7-Figure Webinar Funnel

Have you ever noticed that the best coaches and course-creators out there are always running…

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Medspa Marketing Plan Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Own Plan
Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Your Own Simple Med Spa Marketing Plan

We've covered med spa marketing in a number of our blogs recently, helping you figure out your med…

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What Your Medical Spa Design Should Look Like
What Your Medical Spa Website Design Should Look Like

As we’ve mentioned in our previous blogs, the medical spa business has seen considerable expansion…

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Med Spa Marketing Tips
Medical Spa Marketing Tips: Earn more patients!

To continue our med spa marketing series, we’ve decided to help you by giving you all the med spa…

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Sales Page Tips
Sales Page: Tips That Are Sure To Help Drive Conversions (+Examples)

A sales page is your 24-hour salesperson. It basically does all the selling for you 24/7. I guess…

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Just Digital Joins Clutch’s List Of Top Branding Agencies In California (2022)

There’s nothing more validating than being recognized for all of our hard work. That’s why we’d…

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Tax Practice
Marketing For Accountants: Grow Your Practice In 3 Steps

If you are an independent accountant or CPA, or if you have your own accounting firm, your number…

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How to Choose the Right Logo and Brand Designer

Branding is what makes a company memorable. It shapes and represents the company as a whole and…

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Evergreen Marketing Explained

Evergreen Marketing... the term alone sounds refreshing and promising, but does anyone even know…

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