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Don’t sweat the technical stuff, we do that for you! Let Just Digital’s team of experts help you break through the noise in the online world, put your message in front of the right people, transform your vision into reality, and grow your coaching business — diabolically fast. 😈 You need the right marketing agency experienced in scaling coaching businesses.

Scale Your Coaching Business
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Is your coaching funnel not generating sales? Then it’s broken in need of the Just Digital touch.

Coaches can scale to 7 and 8 figures, FAST.

All you need is an effective funnel that makes your market’s journey as smooth as butter. After years of working with coaching businesses like yours, we’ve developed the proven framework to help you scale and find untapped revenue.

A before and after look of client's webinar funnel

End-to-end marketing that turns clicks into customers

Beautifully designed funnels that get results

Irresistible offers that make it impossible for prospects NOT to buy

Our team of marketing experts are always in your back pocket.

Just like all of your dreams, hopes, and aspirations, our team will be easy to reach. We understand how important your time is, so we make sure you get your own designated Slack channel where you can ask us questions, schedule meetings, and all that jazz. No chatbots here. Just real people ready to help you. Once that’s decided, we’re ready to get the gears running and your funnel converting. When you’re tired of doing things alone, we’re the team who always has your back.

Coaching Case Study: Jen Smiley

Creating lead generation machines

Setting up bulletproof tracking systems

Weekly reports for full transparency and accountability

Proactive campaign management

VIP communication and support

Jen Smiley of Wake Up and Read the Labels went from 500 email subscribers to 10,000 within 6 months of working with Just Digital, and brought in over $100K from her first two webinars ever.

The Just Digital Complete Growth Framework for Coaches

Unlock the potential of your coaching business with Just Digital’s proven strategies. We help you with:

Funnel Optimization

The buyer's journey is a tumultuous one, one that needs the expertise and experience we have. We create and optimize funnels, so you can stay focused on what matters most to you — helping your customers and growing your business. Need a funnel that generates consistent results? We’re ready to help.


It's futile to follow in the footsteps of others. Simply put, it raises your chances of being overlooked instead of getting noticed. Stand out against the competition with the right branding strategy. Our team can help build your visual brand based on the unique characteristics that set you apart.

Online Advertising

Digital advertising gives your coaching business a competitive edge by communicating what your competitors don’t, won’t, or are too scared and unable to. So if you’re one of the brave few looking to break away from the market's herd mentality and ready to put your business out there, give us a call.

Click To Customer

In an ideal world, customers would buy anything you sell, but rarely is that ever the case. You need an effective system that can turn that ideal into a reality — and we do that for you. We are a full service digital marketing agency that takes care of getting your prospects' attention, leading them into the funnel, and turning them into loyal paying customers.

Reports & Analytics

Here at Just Digital, we’re all about transparency! When you work with us, you get access to reports and data, so you understand the success of your marketing campaigns. We won’t leave you in the dark or blindly guessing which steps to take next. Stop wondering about your business growth and start using our data-driven marketing approach.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a swimming pool of untapped revenue you’re possibly missing out on. People use email more than any other form of communication today and is an excellent tool to help push your audience in the right direction. Recover lost revenue from your email list by sending click-worthy emails that capture the hearts and wallets of enthusiastic subscribers.

We’re “The Leading Your Business To Success” type of agency

Sure, we’re marketing experts, but we’re humans at heart. So rather than bombarding you with a load of technical bs, our experienced and specialized team of designers, developers, copywriters, media buyers, and project managers do it for you, complete with results!

Amplify your marketing and level up your business.

Be part of the triumphant few in the era of digital marketing success. All you need is a proven framework and the right team to get you there. Contact us today to speak with a marketing expert and learn how we can help you impact more people around the world.

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Helping coaching businesses turn their passions into success!

Good coaching businesses know that passion is key. Without it, clients can sense when you’re not being authentic, and they’ll be less likely to invest in your services.

Just Digital understands this better than anyone. Using our proven digital marketing strategies, our growth experts can help you share your passion to the right audience. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to take your business to the next level, we can help.

“There are very few companies that can take a vision, build a foundation, and create a brand that gets results. The Just Digital Inc team does just that, and much more.”

Peter Voogd

Founder of The Game Changers Academy


Work with a crew of experts who’ve done it a million times

If you’re looking for marketing with a human touch, we’re your team! Just Digital is a group of talented, passionate, and all around great people — that’s just one of our many secret sauces.

We’ve been down this journey a thousand times. Skip the learning curve! We already have the proven system that generates consistent results.

No need to hire individual designers, developers, PPC specialists, copywriters, and a CMO. Just Digital will be your marketing department.

Standout from the crowd and break through the noise! Our team of experts will maximize and help you showcase your unique solutions to the world.

We’re not just good marketers, we’re also great communicators who value your trust and happiness. At Just Digital we like to keep things transparent and communication lines open. We have a team of unicorns, not ghosts who will leave your messages unread. Got any questions? We’ll happily answer them.

Let Just Digital help you formulate, plan, and execute custom strategies that scale your coaching business to newer heights.

Coaches, Ready To Grow? It Starts Here.