Skin Concept

Beauty and innovation truly meet online with Skin Concept’s new website.

Branding, Web Design & Development


Solidify Skin Concept’s brand identity and showcase their full scope of services.

An established med spa in New York, Skin Concept wanted to take their website to the next level. Although it worked fine and was visually better than many existing med spa websites out there, it fell short in communicating the professionalism and full breadth of services of the company.

First, we focused on visuals. In the discovery phase of the project, we found website and color palette examples that fit within the industry’s current trends, and narrowed in on elements the client appreciated. We designed several homepage samples that would position Skin Concept as a cutting-edge practice in the industry, while also making them stand out.

After the design direction was set, we started working on the content. We wanted to feature their services extensively so that the website could be a true resource to potential clients, and provide them with enough information to confidently sign up for a treatment. We balanced the homepage with the services they were missing from their previous website, and included links to book an appointment throughout the website.

At the end of the project, we provided the client with all the details on their new brand visuals so that they could keep their brand consistent on every platform. As an aesthetics-focused business, this step was crucial to maintain the professionalism Skin Concept wanted to communicate.

Alternate Homepage Concept