Drip MediSpa

An elevated brand and website for a boutique med spa in New Jersey.

Branding, Web Design & Development, SEO


Design a luxurious new online presence for an established med spa.

We love designing for the beauty and wellness world, where aesthetic is always prioritized and design speaks volumes to potential clients.

Drip Medispa came to us to elevate their visual identity. They had a solid base of loyal clients who knew and loved their brand, but styles change and as time goes on, even a great brand needs a refresh.

We updated the Drip logo with a cleaner, more impactful font. The website was redesigned to bring it into 2023 from a design standpoint, as well as reflect the owner’s values for their brand. We aimed for a design that was luxurious but not snobby – representing a place where everyone feels invited. The website also needed to showcase the client’s many services and follow a mainly black and white color scheme to match the physical location.