CalAsian Chamber of Commerce

A website that tells the story of who the Chamber is and the impact they have.

Web Design & Development, SEO


Create a welcoming, engaging website that accurately represents the scope of the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce.

When you have a growing organization, your website is at risk of falling behind if it doesn’t change as you grow. For the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, the gap between what they were doing and what their website showed was significant. After 2020, many of their small business-focused services expanded and shifted online. They wanted to reach more businesses with a website that acted as a ‘welcome mat’ for future members, current members, sponsors, and partners.

We worked with the CalAsian Chamber team to create a website that shows the full scope of their impact, while still being visually engaging and accessible. A colorful palette brings energy and hints at the organization’s diversity. The homepage has quick links to popular resources, large stats on their impact, case studies, and upcoming events. We created pages with special features to show their reach, such as the Partner Network page with a map of their partner organizations across the world.

The Chamber’s new website positions them online as the robust, impactful organization they are.