A futuristic vibe for a brain-boosting technology company.

Web Design & Development


Help BrainTap reach their goal to Better a Billion Brains by creating an exciting, trust-building website.

BrainTap is a health tech company founded by Dr. Patrick Porter that uses the latest in neuroscience technology to help users achieve optimal brain states. This exciting app and headset combo helps users be more calm, focused, optimistic, and energetic, while improving sleep and performance.

This client came to us to help them position BrainTap in the technology space. They were aiming for a futuristic, techy look for the website, and wanted to give prospects confidence in the science behind BrainTap.

Our design elements play on the idea of “brainwaves” throughout the website, incorporating waves around the subjects in imagery, and using the gradient colors that are found in the logo. Bright colors, rounded corners, and a clean white background give this website the fresh, state-of-the-art feel our client was looking for.