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What makes Just Digital special?

We used to think it was our killer designs, our profit-boosting strategies, and our successful ad campaign management. It might be those things too, but more than anything, it’s our people. Our culture. Our commitment to our clients and our work.

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Meet the Unicorns

Hugo Fernandez

CEO, Founder

Hugo Fernandez enjoys running companies that are wildly successful and wearing a black t-shirt every day of his life. When his two favorite things come together, you have an average day at Just Digital.

Hugo knows a lot about marketing, so he wrote a book called the Client Acquisition Blueprint. He’s committed to helping anyone and everyone who will listen to him. And he leads with his heart, which is why Just Digital’s first core value is We Care.

Used to think vampires lived in cement trucks

Started Just Digital on his 21st birthday

Started marketing at age 3, hustling tamales

Hates this bio photo the team chose for him

Emily Olsen

Senior Account Manager

Emily’s main role is to be that person on the video call who keeps the conversation going so there aren’t too many too-long pauses. It’s a full time job and not for the faint of heart, but somehow she also manages to manage Just Digital’s website projects in her spare time. We believe she’s so committed to her job not because she cares that awkward pauses are legitimately the worst, but because she likes to make her own jokes so she can laugh at them, often all on her own. At least she’s happy.

Has a history degree for no reason

Firm believer in Airdrop

Ashley's older and significantly taller sister

Used to be that weird horse girl. Still is, actually.

Rachel Jensen

Media Buyer

Rachel doesn’t actually look like a shadow unicorn, she just doesn’t have a halfway professional photo of herself. I know. In other news, she is GREAT at managing our clients’ Google Ads campaigns (thanks Rachel!) and she lives in New York with her pets and like a hundred plants. You might see her get attacked by her pets during client calls, but she swears it’s a very healthy and loving relationship. (I kid, it really is, I think.)

Sit-com enthusiast

Obsessed with dressing up her dog Jojo in Halloween costumes

Biggest fan of her own jokes

Really, reaaalllyyyy competitive

Ashley Karugu

Client Success Coordinator

The most important thing for you to know about Ashley is that she’s Emily’s younger sister. The second most important thing is that she cares about your success, hence her position. Finally, you should know that Ashley isn’t someone you can mess with. She has a passion for weight lifting and does amateur boxing. Aside from kicking ass at boxing, Ashley has a softer side and wants to be a hobbit to stroll the meadows of the Shire.

Loves baked goods and holidays more than a normal person

Cat mommy to Luna: smol, bites, but means well

Emily's younger and significantly shorter sister

Canadian and does in fact consume maple syrup at least once a day

Laurice Jara

Senior Designer

Laurice Jara can be described as an extroverted introvert whose dream vacation destination is Middle Earth but who will settle for local beaches and waterfalls. As a good graphic designer, she believes that the client is always right, except for when they ask for the logo to be bigger… that can’t be right. She enjoys leaving easter eggs in her web design concepts for Emily to discover during client calls.

The ORIGINAL unicorn because her designs are magic

Drinks black coffee when at home, white chocolate caramel with friends

Favorite colors: Aurora Borealis and Aurora Borealis in reverse

Read the Twilight Saga and semi regretted it

Era Jane Abario

Senior Developer

Era’s superpower is making designers’ dreams come true by bringing impossible website designs to life. Her other superpower is the ability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Beach, bus stop, government office, other people’s homes – you name it, Era has slept there. Her next mission: learning to sleep on a plane instead of panic so she can travel to South Korea and Japan.

Loved Blackpink before they were cool

Obsessed with buying art supplies so she can make tiny dresses for dolls

Always orders a Caramel Macchiato in any coffee shop she visits for the first time

Epitome of an introvert

Lorence Iwata

Multimedia Artist & Designer

Lorence is the rockstar of the team. Not only does he play drums and guitar, but he’s also amazing at video editing and design. Quite the catch for any team! He likes to spend his free time catching criminals and hunting ghosts on his couch watching Netflix shows. His current goal? To lessen his gaming. Whether or not he’s succeeding, we’ll never know.

He asked us to say he was “chaotic, but cute.” His words, not ours.

Lives for Japanese food. Sushi is life!

Thinks Twilight is the best movie ever (Laurice disagrees)

His ultimate dream is to travel to Paris to get hammered

Keisha Pulido


Keisha likes long walks on the beach, BTS, and fried chicken. When she’s not busy typing sh*t on the internet, she’s either reading a book about something important, watching Netflix, or dismantling the patriarchy. Her biggest goal in life is to have her Y/N moment with any of the BTS members and grow her own bonsai tree. She lives for iced coffee and her dogs Elvis & Lennon.

Drinks ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ cups of coffee a day to function

A passion for soft baked cookies (eating, not baking)

Tries to live a decent life by staying home all the time

Mastered the language of puns

Adrian Aranas


One thing you should know about Adrian is that he has amazing taste in music, which inspires him to create one bomb design after another! He also makes a great design teacher and is willing to take on the design newbies of the group (like Keisha, who bugs him a lot to teach her design). Thankfully Adrian’s a really cool guy who you’d want to be friends with for life.

Loves The Office even more than most people love The Office

Recently and happily married

Needs therapy for all the times he's had to "make the logo bigger" for clients

Intensely preparing for fatherhood, both plants and humans

Joshua Yanson


Josh is another one of our team members who has the power to bring website designs to life. However, unlike Era, this guy doesn’t want to travel to Japan or Korea, he’s reaching higher, like the stars. He wants to travel to space, but he says he’s happy travelling different places on his motorcycle for now. Oh, he enjoys online games and watching anime in his spare time too.

Favorite superhero: Spiderman

Loves playing basketball

Claims that the best way to destress is to eat fast food

Favorite color is blue (is it because it's a Just Digital brand color? Probably).

Alek Dincoff

Operations Coordinator

Alek has energy, like a TON of energy, and it takes him six cups of coffee to get there. He is one productive guy, great at starting conversations, and an amazing party planner (he even got Hugo to start a new Zoom holiday party tradition). Alek loves to travel – he’s been to fifteen countries and counting. He can even write in Japanese! 

He says: 日本語を勉強をしました、でも今に上手じゃない。

Which translates to: I studied Japanese, but now I’m not skilled.

Does voice acting on the side (because he loves to talk)

His job is helping others. It's what he's passionate about.

When it comes to work he's a Clydesdale

He holds a CAPM and is a certified scrum master, but not the rugby kind of scrum

Dan Hainaut

Dan is Just Digital’s marketing guy. As he was born and raised in Montreal, he can speak French, oui oui! Dan is cunning, ambitious, resourceful, determined, and clever.* He is a sleep-deprived father of two, who drinks earl grey tea like anyone’s grandma. He also loves basketball, and will cry if any of his favorite athletes get emotional (Google: ‘Derrick Rose scoring 50 in 2018’).

*traits of members of Slytherin – they might not be Dan’s traits but he was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore.

Had a dog named Charlie – he died many years ago. Dan is torn up over it (RIP king).

Calls beanies "toques" because he’s Canadian.

Formula 1 enthusiast. Also thinks he's a Formula 1 driver when he's driving.

Went to Mexico once – didn’t see Hugo.

Austin Varley

Austin’s superhero origin story started when he was born in a jacuzzi, turning him into the living embodiment of a jack of all trades. Literally! He does everything, and does it annoyingly well. Austin is an adrenaline junkie who’s always up for an adventure – whether that’s skydiving, cliff jumping, or racing, he’s up for the challenge. Unlike most of us, he’s been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and more articles throughout his career, which should be enough proof that he’s as good as a marketer gets.

Superhero catchphrase: Keep me posted if you need anything, I'm always in your back pocket.

Currently in the process of donating his kidney to his brother or sister (depends on who needs it first)

The only one from the entire team to write “working out” in his list of hobbies.

Loves helping clients and will look at your business as if it was his own

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