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Reach thousands of new potential customers a day while you sip your coffee. We can’t predict the future, but we sure can help create sustainable growth for your business through effective Google Ads management services.

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With great ads comes great responsibility

Google Ads isn’t just about keywords, budget, and audiences. It’s also about making your future client’s experience with you as smooth as peanut butter (the smooth kind, unless you like it crunchy), beginning to end.

Not only do we get your ads in front of the right people, we create landing pages that convert, we monitor calls to make sure everything’s going peachy, we set up automations that save time, and we commit to crystal clear reports so you know exactly what your ROI is.

Google Ads management services, Just Digital style.

Maybe you’ve tried Google Ads in the past and were less than impressed with the results. You may have been missing a few key ingredients: Just Digital’s proven process, highly skilled team, and years of experience.

Lead generation machines

Bulletproof tracking systems

Weekly reports for transparency

Proactive campaign management

VIP communication and support

“After being in business for seven years, I still didn’t know top from bottom when it came to my digital strategy and marketing execution. Luckily I met Hugo at Just Digital and, very quickly, he was able to devise a marketing strategy that works. Just one tactic that Just Digital taught me has almost tripled my monthly sales.”


Scott S.

Los Angeles, California

Put your business in front of the people who want it.

At Just Digital, we create effective ad campaigns that produce results faster than you can say banana. Put your business in front of people who want it and use our data to boost and improve your ad campaigns – all in one place.

Generate traffic, fast!

In urgent need of traffic? Google Ads is your best bet for quick, top of the page results. We'll get you started on the right foot.

Measurable results

Unlike traditional advertising tactics, Google Ads allows you to see your campaign’s performance down to the finest detail. We look at those details and then optimize.

Reach a targeted audience

Get noticed by the right people! We have the data and knowledge to target the right users and speak directly to your niche.

Increase ROI

Acquire the help of a hard working team of advertisers who turn wasteful ad spend into increased and sustained profitability.

We’re the avengers of digital marketing.

Our experienced and specialized team of designers, developers, copywriters, online advertisers, and account managers will smash your goals like Hulk, lead your business to success like Captain America, and love you 3000 like Iron Man.

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We’re the Google Ads agency that you want on your team.

Keeping up with the new changes, rules, and trends of a platform like Google Ads isn’t for everybody. Don’t waste your time and money bidding on the wrong keywords and trying to get your ads approved. You can hire the best people (*cough* us *cough) and save yourself the learning curve.

Widen your reach and find an audience that's looking to take action on your product or services.

Enjoy full control of your Google Ad campaigns at all times – we can adjust as necessary and customize the budget, time ads are shown, and more to suit you.

No need to hire individual designers, developers, PPC specialist, copywriter, and CMO. Just Digital will be your marketing department.

Get to the top of Google searches, minus the headache of SEO. In comparison, Google Ads is like turning on a faucet of motivated people looking for your services.

Track your results down to the finest details. We provide automated weekly reports for complete transparency and regular deep dives to give you key takeaways.

Leverage our marketing experience, expertise, and data from current and previous clients. Our data and experience alone can save you thousands in advertising dollars.


Answering Those Tough Questions

You’ve got questions – we get it! Whether it’s a question about our Google Ads management services or who framed Roger Rabbit, we’ll be sure to have the answers ready for you. Don’t see an answer to your question? Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.

Google Ads or Google AdWords is an advertising system that allows advertisers to bid on certain keywords for their ads to appear in Google’s search results page. To learn about how Google Ads works, click here. At Just Digital, we offer Google Ads management services where we take care of implementing the campaigns for you. We charge a service fee for Google Ads management in addition to the advertising spend on Google Ads itself. Contact us for a full proposal.

The main difference between SEO and Google Ads is that the latter is faster. Google Ads is a guaranteed and quick way to bring traffic to your website. SEO is a long game that will cost you more time and money up front before you start to see a return on your investment.

CPC or PPC is an advertising model used to generate traffic on websites. Advertisers, like yourself, will only have to pay Google Ads once the ad gets clicked on.

The following are the three most common Google Ads campaign types:

Search campaigns – Often in text form, these ads will appear on Google Search results pages when someone searches for a service or product that is similar to yours.

Display campaigns – Appearing in image or graphic form, these ads show up on websites or apps that the prospective clients visit.

Video campaigns – These are the 15-60 second video ads you see before or during YouTube videos.

Yes! Generally, Google Ads will work for the majority of niches. As long as people are searching for your type of business on Google, it will work. Our team has extensive experience in various industries, so no matter what industry you’re in, we’re likely able to help.

You will only be wasting your money if you don’t run your ad campaign well. A lot of businesses complain that Google Ads doesn’t work, but it’s really all about having a strategy in place, making effective optimizations, and testing what works and what doesn’t (in other words, having a good Google Ads management service!). We’ve been consistently running effective Google Ads campaigns because our experienced media buyers know the best way to navigate Google Ads.

A lot of campaigns fail because most businesses don’t know how to handle or use Google Ads properly. Agencies have years of experience and expertise under their belt. If you really want to save more money, hire an agency to make sure you get a return on investment from your ads.

A word from our Google Ads management clients

We’re the best digital marketing agency for you! Don’t believe us? Hear it from our sea of clients. They’d like a word with you.

“The Just Digital team is amazing! They are very responsive, quick to address issues, and willing to work with our team to ensure that we have all of the resources we need at our fingertips. Hugo and Isaac take the time to work with their clients to ensure their needs are being met, and also offer sound advice as to why one solution might be better than another. The knowledge and expertise they provide to clients is far and above anything you could find at a larger agency!”

Jacinta L.
Marketing Manager

“Hugo and his team do an amazing job. They are responsive and always keep up with the trends and changes in the market and are easy to work with. I highly recommend them.”

Jonathan Donenfeld

“Just Digital monitors it and makes tweaks when necessary. In less than one month, I have enough closed business to pay for all of the website and lead magnet landing page design and, in addition, the revenue to support many months of AdWords fees.”

Greg Nunn

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