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A word from our clients

Working with our team is like being welcomed into a family–we listen to you, we care for you, and we go the extra mile for you.

“There are very few companies that can take a vision, build a foundation and create a brand that gets results. The Just Digital Inc team does just that, and much more. I have been using them for over a 3 years now and they continue to exceed all my expectations. If you’re serious about taking your brand awareness, customer experience, and most importantly your RESULTS to a whole new level. I would strongly recommend Just Digital. They will take all the headache out of building your brand and marketing your business, which in my opinion is priceless. In this ever changing economy, it’s crucial you differentiate your business and actually stand out.”

Peter Voogd

“Caring about your business as if it were their own, they take the time to help you discover exactly what you want your business to be and where you want it to go, with pinpoint accuracy. Hugo Fernandez is of the hardest working and most talented young professionals I have ever met (and likely will ever meet). With flawless execution and results, my strategy sessions with him transcended work and became something fun and enjoyable I looked forward to. He sets the bar in every respect and I can’t thank him enough for everything he did to get my business off to a phenomenal start!”

Zachary Weil

“Hugo design a new website for my business and created a great lead magnet landing page. I give him kudos for the approach he takes because he did not design just another canned website. He got to know me and my business – our purpose, goals and personality. He was able to take that information and incorporate it into my website. I am also working with Hugo and Just Digital in doing a Google AdWords campaign. Just Digital monitors it and makes tweaks when necessary. Hugo reviews with me the results so even I can understand it. In less than one month, I have closed enough business to pay for all of the website and lead magnet landing page design and, in addition, the revenue to support many months of AdWords fees. He is always very responsive and communicates effectively with me the progress of the work he does for me. Hugo has a passion for the small business owner. If you need a great website and want to do digital marketing (every business should) call Hugo and the people at Just Digital. Thanks Hugo and Team. From the folks at Nunn Better Tax Resolution”

Greg Nunn