Jen Smiley Food Coach Website

A strong brand and robust website for a fast-growing food coach.

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A personal website, beautiful brand, and clear message

Jen Smiley of Wake Up and Read the Labels originally approached Just Digital to get some assistance with her ClickFunnels page. We worked with her for several months to help her get more coaching clients and build and market a course. With the business really starting to take off, she decided she needed a full website to establish her online presence and brand.

One of the goals of the website was to help Jen’s audience connect with her personally and understand what makes her unique. We used the website to tell her story, including lots of photos along the way of Jen and her family (including her two dogs!). We focused on the simplicity of Jen’s offer: eat simple, feel good. The soft cutout graphics, light colors, and script font all contribute to this message.

Building a website also helped to bring clarity to Jen’s services. Coaching, the Clean Eating Academy course, and future offers were clearly outlined on their various pages. Visitors could find exactly what they were interested in and sign up on the spot.

The website continues to grow as Wake Up and Read the Labels experiences more and more success in the food coaching industry. We are happy to have partnered with Jen to help make this a reality.

“Just Digital started as a company that was going to just fix my ClickFunnels and have evolved into growing with me, and not only that, but helping me grow beyond my own beliefs and my own trajectory.

They have successfully helped me develop this scalable business where I’m going to get paid what I’m worth and what my time is worth.

I’m truly thankful for Just Digital. My success would not be where it is in the past 6 months without them.”

Jen Smiley

Wake Up & Read The Labels