Janet Heller Fine Jewelry

A whole new website & brand for a long-standing fine jewelry store in California.

Branding, Web Design & Development


Transform user experience online to increase website sales on Shopify while navigating a name and brand change.

We worked with Janet Heller Fine Jewelry, formerly known as Foundry Fine Jewelry, to completely overhaul their branding and website in the midst of a company name change.

This client came to us with a long list of issues regarding their current website, both for users and themselves, and aspects they wanted to improve. Our goals were to drastically improve user experience, add customized products that they weren’t able to sell previously, and therefore increase the conversion rate of their e-commerce website. In the process, we also visually upgraded their brand identity without losing too much of the original logo, in order to keep it recognizable.

Janet Heller’s new website is built on Shopify for easy updates and use. It is clean and simple to navigate, which helps build trust with website users and has decreased the number of complaints from visitors. Not only have the e-commerce optimization changes increased their online sales, but their new branding better captures their personality and professionalism as a long-standing fine jewelry store.


Janet Heller name change announcement