J75 Shoes

An online upgrade for a bold shoe brand tailored for the individualist.

Visual Direction, Web Design & Development, E-Mail Marketing


Elevate J75’s online presence to boost website sales during a global pandemic.

J75 Shoes is an established brand whose products can be found at Nordstrom and DSW, and who previously relied heavily on in-person sales at locations like these. However, in 2020, that all changed, and our client found themselves needing to focus on their online sales. Their website was functional but didn’t position them well – it was outdated and didn’t inspire much trust or brand recognition for customers.

We worked with this client to completely revamp their digital marketing, starting with a clean, professional website to position them as an established and modern brand. The client wanted a simple black and white color scheme to let their brightly colored shoes do the talking, and we added gold accents for a touch of bling. The site’s improved filtering function makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, and we included plenty of social proof to help users build trust in the brand.