Career Movement

A professional online revamp to push Career Movement forward.

Web Design & Development


An online presence to match this growing company’s reach and impact.

Career Movement was a new branch of an established recruitment agency, both of which needed a website upgrade. Their current site existed online but without much strategy, and nothing to write home about in terms of lead generation.

The company’s founders were looking to set Career Movement apart in the industry by focusing on complete business solutions, rather than only recruitment. We crafted copy that encompassed the impact working with Career Movement can have, without creating confusion around the services they provide.

The site is designed to establish Career Movement as a leader in their industry and attract both candidates and companies to work with them. After their new website went live, they experienced a jump in incoming leads through the website, and it continues to be an asset for their organization.

We worked with Just Digital to create two websites for our company, and we are seeing some really positive outcomes from what we did! I’ve seen more leads coming from the websites in the past 4 months than in my previous years with the company combined. Thank you Just Digital–would most certainly recommend their services to anyone!

Angela Tran

Career Movement & Strategic Employment Partners