D’Juan’s New Orleans Bistro

An enticing website for a fresh New Orleans-style restaurant in Atlanta.

Web Design & Development


Showcase our client’s new restaurant in style online.

Our longtime client, entrepreneur Donald Williams, came to us to get his new restaurant up and running online. Although most people reference review sites like Google and Yelp to decide where to eat, a website is still an important part of a restaurant’s online presence. When the branding is done right, it should give customers a positive idea of the experience they’re going to get at the physical restaurant. It also provides a central place to showcase the menu, tell the restaurant’s story, display positive reviews, and link to an online ordering page. In short, a website legitimizes a restaurant and makes customers more likely to trust (and therefore visit) the establishment.

We designed a simple website to match the existing brand elements and expand on them. Textures, imagery, fonts and a floating menu were chosen to add interest and give D’Juan’s a welcoming and warm look and feel. The result was a quick site with a big impact.

Alternate Design Concepts