Diehl CPA

A dynamic website to help a CPA become Alaska’s go-to tax resolution professional.

Branding, Web Design & Development, SEO


A visually interesting and local-focused website to position our client as Alaska’s tax pro.

Every time we take on a new website client, we do a lot of groundwork to determine how we can reflect the client’s personality and goals in the new website design. In an online world flooded with websites, we want our clients to stand out, and the best way to do this is to personalize the design to their unique business.

Our client, Mark Diehl, had a goal to become Alaska’s go-to tax resolution professional. He came to us for help positioning him online, so that when a potential client looked him up, they would find someone who appeared professional and trustworthy. Mark preferred a green and red color scheme and liked the idea of incorporating mountains into the design.

We designed a logo that integrates a mountain into the text, but remains easy to read. The brand colors are a deep forest green, burgundy, and clean grey. The website’s visuals include Alaska-inspired imagery, topographical lines, and dynamic graphics to direct the user’s attention to the call to action.