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The latest event was a success! We achieved:

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We’re Always Up for a Challenge

So, when one of the top-rated virtual event coaching companies asked us to make their annual event a success, we knew we had to take the job.

Sage Event Management is one of the leading players in the virtual event industry. They had been running their own virtual event successfully for several years. But they needed help to make it even bigger.

Their yearly event had three goals. First, to share knowledge. Second, to create a sense of community. Finally, to use it as a sales platform for their mastermind membership programs. However, with each new iteration, the founders had less time to work on the backend infrastructure. It was simply not scalable.

Luckily, our team at Just Digital had the right skills and experience to help them out. We crafted a marketing strategy that could take their annual event to a whole new level, and helped them handle the technical setup.

How We Achieved Success

Planning an annual event year after year requires creativity and innovation. Our team decided to switch things up for each event to make sure recurring attendees didn’t get tired of seeing the same content over and over. We also adapted to the audience’s current needs by taking the current social climate into account when building communication assets.

  1. Creating a Scalable Structure

    When Sage got started, the founders were in charge of every aspect of their events, including the technical setup. As their business grew, they found that they didn’t have enough time to run everything on their own. They required a technical partner that could also help them with the event strategy.

    Our team helped set up new sequences using the customer’s marketing automation software. Some of the new sequences we implemented were: payment failed sequences, sales followups, traffic source tagging, show-up sequences, and updated order forms.

    This way, we created evergreen solutions that don’t depend on the founders. No matter the size of the event, the team can handle all the traffic with the help of these systems.

  2. Optimizing for Increased Revenue

    We also wanted to help our client get more revenue from new clients. To do this, we proposed changes to their offer and created a new high-ticket service that provided more value for their customers.

    Having the right offer, at the right price, is one of the most important aspects of a successful sales campaign. Our offer hit the right spot, and we managed to generate over $1 million in sales from new customers from the event.

Our Results

The latest virtual event we helped Sage promote was an absolute success. We sold more tickets than the client expected to sell, generating $280k from ticket sales. Additionally, the new high-ticket offer we launched created $1.1 million in new revenue.

The client was so happy that we are now planning next year’s event, so we can surpass our own expectations!

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