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How a Med Spa Gained Qualified Leads for New Services with Google Ads


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Results in the first 3 months of the engagement stage:

New Qualified Leads For New High-Ticket Services

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We Love a Good Challenge

A Med Spa with over 20 years of experience contacted us looking for help with digital advertising.

Our client decided to invest in a new state-of-the-art laser that would provide their clients with the best results. This new machine allowed them to offer new services, including less painful tattoo removal and wrinkle treatment.
But even with all the outstanding benefits this new treatment had to offer, our client was having difficulty attracting new clients. They knew that digital advertising had worked for other players in their industry, but their team lacked the knowledge and experience to run ad campaigns.

Because their main goal was to increase the number of sales inquiries about their new services, we knew Google Ads would be the fastest way to generate leads.

How We Achieved Success

Successful Google Ads campaigns are all about capturing demand with the right keywords. In the case of our client, we knew that people had the tendency to search for skin care solutions online immediately after becoming aware of their problem. In order to get the right keywords, our team had to do the extensive keyword research needed to build the right campaign and deliver results for our client.

  1. The Perfect Campaign Setup

    With the keyword research ready, we built a campaign structure that highlighted the new laser treatment. We designed and wrote keyword infused copy that was sure to attract high-quality leads that would potentially convert into clients.

    We also covered branded keywords to prevent potential clients from clicking on competitor’s links when they looked up our client’s brand.

    To attract prospects for the new services, we targeted people already looking for treatments with the client’s new laser and people searching for treatments based on other laser machines. Additionally, we created a tattoo removal campaign to cover this specific niche.

  2. Creating Conversion-Focused Landing Pages

    One of the keys for successful Google Ads is having optimized landing pages. We helped our client by designing and programming two new landing pages: One for general non-invasive skin treatments and one for tattoo removal.

    Both landing pages highlight customer pain points and the solutions our client offered. This way, potential clients could easily understand and determine if this new laser treatment is the right solution to their skin concerns. Additionally, both pages included before and after treatment photos, reviews from previous clients, and FAQs about the treatments. These sections play a critical role in the conversion process because they matter to potential clients the most when looking for possible solutions to their problems.

A Word From our team

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Emily Olsen

Project Management Supervisor

Our Results

During the first three months of the engagement stage, our marketing experts helped our client set up and run their first Google Ad campaigns. It is not easy to enter new markets and attract customers with new technology they might not know about or even understand. It is why creating simple yet informative landing pages optimized for conversions was so important.

Right from the start, we generated 37 qualified leads for our client’s new services. It represents over $40k of potential revenue, and is a number that will continue to grow as we work on a/b testing and continuous optimization.

As our digital marketing team continues working on the account, a/b testing and optimizing, these ads will continue to attract qualified leads for the client’s sales team to talk to.

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