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We’re always up for a challenge.

And helping a wellness coach grow her business has been one of our favorite challenges so far.

The health and wellness industry is a tough industry to compete in. Especially with how saturated the market already is. Amazingly, Jen Smiley had managed to grow her coaching practice on her own, empowering people to feel their best through healthy food choices.

Jen was running her wellness coaching business successfully at a small-scale, but she knew she could help more people if she could reach a wider audience. The only problem was, she already had so many daily tasks at hand that she didn’t have the time focus on business growth. She wanted to get started with webinars, but needed help implementing all the tech tools that would allow her to scale.

Our team at Just Digital helped her create her first webinar funnel using ClickFunnels and we set up Facebook Ad campaigns to reach a wider audience.

How We Achieved Success

In order to help Jen wake people up and start reading the labels, our team focused on:

  • Growing Jen’s email list through lead magnets
  • Designing full-funnels to convert webinar registrants into customers
  • Driving traffic to each funnel through Facebook Ads
  1. Increasing the e-mail list by over 1900%

    When we started, our client’s email list consisted of approximately 500 contacts, and we knew we could double the amount. We helped Jen create a lead magnet that solved one of her target audience’s core issues.

    The lead magnet provided simple information and actionable tips that her audience would be interested in. Once visitors downloaded the lead magnet, we followed up with an email sequence that invited them to interact with Jen on other platforms and through other channels, continuously delivering value to them.

  2. Converting webinar attendees into customers.

    With an ever-growing contact list, we started a live webinar series. We knew running the webinar once would not give us the best results, so we proposed running it at least 4 times. Just like with the lead magnet, we designed a full-funnel strategy that continued to send registrants information and emails once the webinar was over. This way, they would have more than one opportunity to buy one of Jen’s programs. Safe to say, it was an absolute success!

“Just Digital started as a company that was going to just fix my ClickFunnels and have evolved into growing with me, and not only that, but helping me grow beyond my own beliefs and my own trajectory.

They have successfully helped me develop this scalable business where I’m going to get paid what I’m worth and what my time is worth.

I’m truly thankful for Just Digital. My success would not be where it is in the past 6 months without them.”


Jen Smiley

Founder of Wake Up & Read The Labels

Our Results

During the first 5 months, we ran 4 live webinars and continuous Facebook campaigns. In this time, we helped Jen Smiley grow her Instagram following by 150% and her contact list went from around 500 contacts to over 10,000.

Her total revenue from our promotion efforts exceeded $280k, and her most successful webinar exceeded her optimistic sales expectations by 118%. The lead magnet was so successful in generating contacts, that it has become part of her evergreen campaigns.

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