Accounting Company Decreases Cost Per Lead by 77% in Google Ads


Google Ads

In the first month, we achieved:

Decrease in Cost Per Lead

Increase in Number of Leads

Monthly Ad Budget Managed

We love a good challenge.

In this success story, our client, an accounting company with both B2B and B2C services, had been running Google Ads for some time but was not getting the results they were looking for.

In the past, they had used ads to attract individual B2C clients and gained decent results. They now wanted to expand their B2B portfolio and sell even higher high-ticket services. They had increased their budget for Google Ads, but failed to generate enough B2B prospects to keep their sales team busy.

In the months before hiring our team, their cost per conversion for Google Ads was $304, and they spent approximately $2,500 on ads per month.
We decided to review their campaigns thoroughly and make the necessary adjustments based on their goal of generating more calls for their sales team.

How We Achieved Success

We knew right away that we needed to restructure and optimize the Google Ad campaign of our client to achieve their intended goals. It would help them attract better B2B leads, decrease cost per lead, and make the most out of their budget.

And we didn’t stop there, we also reviewed some of their sales processes and made them more efficient.

  1. The Perfect Campaign Setup

    To optimize our client’s Google Ad campaigns, our marketing experts reviewed what they had running and immediately spotted the problem. Our client infused their ads with irrelevant keywords that were detrimental to their success. We eliminated these keywords and used the right location. This way, potential clients searching on Google from certain states and cities can easily find our client’s services.

    Our copywriter also reworked the ad and landing page copy using relevant language and tone to ensure our client’s messaging translated well to their target customers.

    The copy structure focused on the pain points, solutions, and benefits and relied on emotional triggers to hook potential clients and push them to convert.

  2. Generating a Stable Sales Pipeline with More Calls

    After doing our keyword research, we used the data we gathered, changed the keywords used in their campaigns into keywords with sales intent, and refocused their ad spend on those.

    Finally, our team created more Google ad campaigns with calls-to-action that led directly to calls instead of driving traffic to the website.

“Just Digital started as a company that was going to just fix my ClickFunnels and have evolved into growing with me, and not only that, but helping me grow beyond my own beliefs and my own trajectory.

They have successfully helped me develop this scalable business where I’m going to get paid what I’m worth and what my time is worth.

I’m truly thankful for Just Digital. My success would not be where it is in the past 6 months without them.”


Jen Smiley

Founder of Wake Up & Read The Labels

Our Results

During our first month working on our client’s account, we decreased the cost per lead by 77% without compromising the quality of leads. And at the same time, help them generate 28 leads for their B2B services. This represented a 155% increase from the number of leads they generated the previous month.

Things were going so well, and we wanted our client to be well-equipped to handle the increased number of leads efficiently. So, we listened to some of their sales calls, helped them review and update their sales scripts, and provided them with a sales guideline to make the most out of every interaction. Thanks to our work, they decided to hire a new salesperson to be able to handle all the new B2B leads.

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