Patricia L. Gentile Coaching

A second website for a past tax resolution client turned coach.

Branding, Web Design & Development


A website to communicate confidence and empowerment for women in the tax industry.

Patricia Gentile came to us several years ago to brand and build a website for her new tax resolution company, New England Tax Relief. After years of building that business, and over 40 years in the tax industry, Patricia was ready to use her skills to help other women tax professionals succeed in their industry.

Patricia’s coaching business is all about giving female tax professionals the confidence and skills needed to successfully resolve their clients’ IRS issues. We designed a website with calming, peaceful imagery and a blue color palette, along with a lighthouse logo as a nod to Patricia’s first brand. As the lighthouse stands firm among the waves, Patricia’s clients are empowered to confidently guide their clients to safety, and gain peace of mind themselves that they are doing their best by their clients.

Alternate Logo Designs