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Attorney Advertising: 10 Tips to Grow Your Law Practice

By Just Digital Team
Attorney Advertising Tips

In this article, we’ll give you 10 actionable tips for attorney advertising. To grow your law practice, you need a steady flow of prospects and a great marketing strategy for online and offline marketing. With most people looking online for information and resources, attorneys need to keep up with the ever-growing digital marketing landscape.

Many potential clients for your law firm are browsing right now, researching and looking for attorneys they could call. As a digital marketing agency, we’ve helped hundreds of attorneys increase their client bases by implementing some basic digital marketing strategies. Attorney and law practice marketing can seem intimidating at first, but here are 10 online marketing tips for attorneys looking to grow their practice

1: Create a good attorney website

It only takes a person 0.05 seconds to give their snap judgement on a website. People nowadays will judge a website based on its design. A good website can attract good attention and keep it there. This will give you a higher chance of getting clients. It’s all about the aesthetic now. Your website will be a representation of yourself. As an attorney or law firm, this will greatly affect your online marketing strategy. British researchers analyzed 94% of a client’s first impression will be based on your website design. In short, to avoid missing great client opportunities, get a good web designer to help you create a website that clients will end up being interested in.

2: Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys

Having your website on the first page of Google or other search engines is a big step toward attracting more clients. Many factors go into getting to that first page:

First: Content is King

Jordan Couch, an attorney at palace law, says that there are two primary principles for online marketing: one is to have a valuable website, and the other is to create valuable content. He further explains that demonstrating value instead of describing it will attract potential clients.

Aside from what Couch said, Google promotes websites that have good content. Good quality content that educates and informs your potential clients and goes with the good design of your website will strengthen your credibility online. Informative, relevant, understandable, and useful content will make it easier for your clients to recognize you as an expert in the field and convince them to contact you. Therefore, create content – but make sure it’s high quality.

We can help you with that! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on content creation for your firm.

Second: Directory listings

Directory listings will keep your website relevant. It will stay listed on all online platforms and will help in getting a wider range of audiences.

3: Get into social media – it’s free attorney advertising!

Social media for attorneys is crucial. Let’s face the reality that almost everyone is on their smartphones now, browsing Facebook, LinkedIn accounts, Twitter, and many more. Signing up for these social media platforms will increase exposure to different kinds of clients, heighten your reputation, and provide information. People from all over the state can hit you a message, inquire, and book you.

Build a formidable profile and make sure all of your data is up to date. Statistics show that adults online, aged 18-34 will most likely follow a brand on social media platforms (95%). Aside from that, 71% of consumers or clients that get good service are likely to recommend it to others. These stats alone should be enough to convince you to get active on social media. So get out there on social media and reach more potential clients!

4: Gather reviews and testimonials – flaunt case studies!

There are many places where you can get reviews online, some important platforms for attorneys trying digital marketing are Google, Facebook, and most importantly Avvo. Therefore, you’re going to want to encourage 5-star clients to give you 5-star reviews. We can help with drafting a ‘review request’ script.

Avvo has a huge impact in the legal space online. Many potential clients are lurking there to book a possible attorney. In short, a good Avvo reputation will likely inflate the chances of getting clients.

5: Attorney Advertising Online

Paid ads are a way to enhance brand awareness. Potential clients could be in pursuit online for a good lawyer and stumble on your ad that could be the solution to what they’re looking for. Online ad campaigns can differentiate your brand from others. The more exposure you get, the better chances of potential clients recognizing you and your brand. So, you really should be advertising on Google or Facebook.

6: Word of mouth – more free attorney advertising!

You can never go wrong with WOM, most people underestimate this strategy but this actually works. As mentioned earlier, good reviews will create a ripple effect. Once you get a good review and get recommendations, word of this will travel fast. It is known that Americans really do trust a good review.

Jonathan G. Stein, owner of the Law Offices of Jonathan G. Stein suggests that the best marketing strategy is word of mouth. He expounded this by stating that past clients are the best sources of getting new clients.

7: Build a relationship with your clients

Making your existing and future clients feel valued is as important online as it is if you were face to face with your client in real life. Customer service is valuable since networking and building relationships are key to how you are perceived by clients.

The way you treat your client will depend on how you communicate with them. If your clients will feel they are not appreciated, you might end up with bad reviews and fewer recommendations. So, do your best to develop your relationships with your clients.

8: Be open for consultations

As mentioned, communicating with clients or potential clients is important. Online consultations can give you a wider scope of clients and have them not worry about how they might get to your office or confront you face to face. There are many platforms to accept online consultations like Skype or Google Meet. The more you consult with your clients the likelihood that they will contact you again for future references.

9: Video Marketing

Videos are all the rage now. Adults living in the U.S watch videos on their digital devices for 1.25 hours per day. There is no denying the statistics of the ever-growing video marketing strategy. Platforms as huge as Youtube or Vimeo are where people view videos on varying topics.

People from all fields of expertise are now starting incorporate videos in their digital campaigns. It’s all about learning how to sell yourself as an attorney online. Videos can be a platform to introduce yourself to an audience and future clients and give them an impression of you and your expertise. Also, it will put them in a position of being comfortable with you without personally meeting you. FamilyLawLawyers, GreatLegalMarketing, and LawyersVideoStudio are some youtube channels that pose a great example.

10: Become a thought leader

Thought leadership is no longer a strange concept for lawyers – a marketing strategy used ages ago by law firms to increase visibility and public perception of expertise through writing and speaking.

A way to incorporate thought leadership in digital marketing as a lawyer is to write content that your target client would appreciate and understand. However, it is important to note that you should establish your authority and expertise on the subject matter. As a lawyer, you should also keep in mind the interest of your potential clients.


Many aspects can affect the way a potential client could perceive your brand. To get the best outcome in gaining clients, applying or adapting some of the tips we’ve given to you could change the way your marketing strategy works out. If you’re an attorney or work at a law firm and need help with your online marketing, contact us here.

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