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How to Write Compelling Web Copy That Converts

By Just Digital Team
How to Write Compelling Web Copy That Converts

Most businesses make the same mistake with their web copy. It’s usually more focused on their business than on the website visitors. It tends to sound something like this:

“We’re the experts!” “We provide xyz service” or “We’ve been in business since 1990!”.

Awards and experience are great and they’re things to be proud of, but they’re not what your website should be about. The key to creating truly compelling web copy that gets you customers is making the content about your potential customers and the problems you can solve for them.

Make it about them not about you.

Simply put, humans are primarily self interested. We care about ourselves before we care about the other person. We’re also motivated by pain and desire.

With this in mind, we can use two main copywriting formulas.

1. Problem, Agitate, Solve

This formula leverages pain by pointing out problems that people struggle with and agitating them. For example, “Are you tired of struggling with x and losing money as a result?”

The goal of this formula is to create copy that magnifies pain so people are more willing and ready to accept a solution to relieve that pain.

2. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

The first step of this formula is to capture the attention of your target audience. You can do this explicitly (e.g. “Attention small business owners!”).

Then, you need to spark their curiosity in your business. A great example of this is using a case study showing how you helped a past client. This method gives your potential client an idea of what value you can offer to them.

Once you’re able to communicate the solutions they desire, it’s time to create a small call to action. For instance, you can write “Click here to find out more.” which then takes the visitor to a different page to read the case study.

You can use this method in many different places including your website, landing page, and opt-in page.

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