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Loom Screen Recorder Review

By Just Digital Team
Loom Screen Recorder Review

If you’ve used Screencastify or Quicktime, you’re probably familiar with screen recordings. The Loom screen recorder has all of the same features as these other software, but with many added bonuses. With Loom, you can record high-quality videos in an instant and share them with ease.

Overall: With its modern user interface (UI), the software is really easy to use and works every time. With a Chrome extension and a seamless Gmail integration, the plugin is conveniently there when you need it.


  • Easy to use: Start recording with one click, end with another click, and have the sharing link automatically copied to your clipboard
  • Choose from a full desktop recording, front facing camera, or tab only
  • Uses Gmail to send videos directly within the body of the email, without having the recipient click to an external link
  • Lets you know when someone views your video
  • Allows you to add comments/notes at specific times in your video
  • Unlimited storage and easy organization with folders
  • Free to use
  • Allows videos to be saved as mp4


  • 5 minute video time limit (unlock unlimited time recordings when you refer a friend to use Loom)
  • Recordings of your desktop/entire screen will result in slightly lower quality because more pixels have to be recorded

Current users find that their client support, team communication, and overall productivity have improved because of Loom’s useful features. The extension is perfect for recording content such as tutorials, walkthroughs, and lesson recaps.

If you’re ready start creating engaging and informative videos, give Loom a try. It’s straightforward, functional, and will quickly become part of your everyday workflow.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started with Loom:


“Loom is great! There’s a reason why video is the dominating force in content. It’s engaging and faster than acquiring information with text and images. My previous method of creating videos for my time was to record my screen using quicktime. Then upload the to google drive. Wait for the video to process. And then finally use the link to send to my team mates or client. Now with Use Loom I am able to send videos in a matter of clicks! Big time saver – really efficient. Best of all – completely free.” -Isaac Park, Marketing Operations Analyst at Just Digital

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