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Insurance company decreases cost per lead by 76% on Google Ads


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We’re always up for a challenge.

So when our client, a Medicare insurance provider in the USA, approached us asking for results, we gave it our all.

Our client had been running digital advertising campaigns sporadically without getting the results they wanted. They knew they could be getting more leads from Google Ads, but they lacked the technical skills and the time to set up and measure their campaigns.

Given their industry, they saw an increase in sales during the annual enrollment period, followed by a drop in sales during the rest of the year. They knew that the right partner could help stabilize and even increase their sales year-long while decreasing their cost per lead from online ads. It was our job to take on this situation and ensure our client achieved sustainable growth.

Rather than bombarding our client with all the technical mumbo-jumbo, our team of digital marketing experts did it for them, complete with results!

How We Achieved Success

We knew Google Ads was the perfect channel for our client, and a great way to advertise their services all year long. We also understood how important it was for their campaign to have optimized landing pages in order to drive conversions—so we made sure they had both!

  1. Created a results-driven landing page

    Our client had a dedicated landing page for their campaigns, but they knew that it was in need of the Just Digital touch. Just Digital’s amazing team of designers created and implemented a new landing page design for them, making sure to include critical information that would generate trust and increase conversions.

    We wanted to make sure the client’s journey was as smooth as butter, but we didn’t stop there. To ensure a top-tier customer journey, our team added social proof badges, the benefits of purchasing plans from our client, and a clear description of the process required to make a purchase.

  2. Generating more qualified leads

    One of the biggest obstacles we wanted to help our client overcome was tracking campaign performance. To solve this, we helped them implement CallRail and used other campaign tactics to obsessively track phone calls and form submissions.

    This data allowed us and our client to understand the performance of each ad campaign as well as the quality of the leads coming in. Additionally, we used split-testing to optimize the budget and campaigns by state, which allowed us to better manage the cost per result.

Just Digital helped revamp the landing page design with these improvements:

  • Added clear call-to-action buttons (orange accent color)
  • Provided Top 4 Benefits
  • Redesigned step-by-step form
  • Image and copy helps pique visual interest, while providing relevant information

Our Results

When we started managing our client’s campaigns, their Cost Per Lead (CPL) was $122. After optimizing the campaigns, we reached an average CPL of $50.41, with our most effective ads reaching a CPL of $28.79.

Aside from our high converting ads, our client’s landing page redesign produced amazing results, increasing the conversion rate from 5.3% to 28.57%. How’s that for success?

In a span of three months, we were able to help our client reach their goals. Most importantly, we helped them implement marketing processes that allowed them to keep track of their campaign performance and make sure they spent their marketing budget wisely.

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