Just Digital’s Guide to Working From Home

By Just Digital Team
Guide to Working From Home

Our team members at Just Digital have become masters at the art of working from home. After working at home for a couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may think it impossible, but we’ve been doing this successfully for a decade. So if you want to learn how to work in your PJs like a pro, read on.

Ha, I jest. Seriously though, our team has been working together for years and most of us haven’t personally met.

The world is currently in a position where some are forced to work from home for the sake of many. At first, you might have thought working from home sounds pretty good. You imagine staying in comfy clothes and skipping that shower, eating when you want and avoiding a commute.

It’s fun for the first few weeks, but after an extended period of time you realize how difficult it is to work where you also sleep, eat, and hang out with your family. For some, not getting ready and leaving the house for the day results in feeling lethargic and lazy.

You have to be able to maintain a productive lifestyle while enjoying the comforts of your own home. Ways to be productive may vary from one person to another. Your job is to be able to find a routine that works for you. Find something that will anchor you and keep you focused in times where you find yourself feeling a bit too comfortable at home.

Create a Schedule You Can Stick To

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It’s easy to lose track of time when running your business at home. All your tasks, including personal ones, get mixed up with your work time.

You may think it’s easy, but this is actually the biggest hurdle most of you will encounter. It’s not just about separating your work time hours from your non-working hours, it’s about being able to make a routine and stick to it.

Some people would end up working more hours than they normally would, while others end up doing the opposite. Try to start working the same time you normally would, set your own breaks for meals, and end your work the same time you’d leave the office.

Learn when to stop. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the task you’re working on when you’re in the zone, but most of the time it can wait until the next morning.

A downside to working remotely is this feeling of isolation. Humans are social beings and even introverts need a little bit of socializing in their life. Try to keep contact with your coworkers regularly. Make a group chat or schedule team meetings. Some of the best apps and websites you can try are:

  • Google Chats
  • Google Hangouts
  • Zoom
  • Slack

It’s an easy way to stay connected and be updated on what’s happening with your company.

Set Up Your Own Workspace

Not everyone has the luxury of having a separate room to work in. Sometimes we just have to get creative.

The first step is to choose a location from your home that can mentally prepare you for work mode. It doesn’t matter which part of your home, as long as you’re comfortable and motivated to work at that place.

The most ideal would be somewhere you wouldn’t relax, like your bed, but if it works for you then be my guest.

The second step is to set it up in an ideal work setting. Arrange your desk, add little notes of motivation. Anything to get you inspired and ready.

You may not figure out the best place right away, but a little bit of trial and error will do the trick. Plus, some people do best moving to a different spot every couple of days or weeks. Try it out and see if the new view gives you fresh inspiration!

Listen to Your Body

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It’s easy to forget about your body when you’re working at home. Most of the time we end up slouching over our desks staring at the screen for hours on end.

We end up feeling uncomfortable and losing more and more motivation. Listen to what your body needs, is it a comfortable desk chair? Do you need to try standing and working? Take the time to give yourself a bit of a break. Stand up, walk around, do some stretches.

These are simple things you can do to improve your overall workflow.

Block Distractions

Working from home makes it very easy to catch the procrastination bug. There are many things that can distract you from working, like social media, YouTube, or articles. It’s easy to get caught up in mindless scrolling.

working from home

A few ways to battle this is by setting a time for taking a break to scroll, or downloading apps that would block other apps for a certain amount of time. Apps like:

  • Offtime
  • Moment
  • Stay on Task
  • Self Control
  • Focus
  • Freedom

Try some of these apps to keep you focused and on track.

Get Dressed

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One benefit of working from home is the opportunity to wear whatever you want. It’s so tempting to stay in your PJs and comfy socks all day!

This, however, has a downside. The thing is, if you don’t change into “work” clothes, your brain misses that signal and has a harder time distinguishing work time from relaxation time. You’re already working in the same environment that you normally sleep and relax, so this will make it even more difficult to get into work mode.

To keep some sense of routine and professionalism, try your best to wake up the same time you normally would and get dressed. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie – jeans and a t-shirt are better than PJs!

Let People Know You’re Working

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This point goes for the people who are living with their family or their friends. Always let them know when you’re working. Your housemates may want you to do chores or let the dog out while you’re at home.

Letting them know means you’re setting a boundary for when you can start being available to do personal tasks. Be realistic about the things you can accomplish – multitasking will only be detrimental to your work.


These are just a few tips you can follow to survive working from home. If you have any tips you’d like to share, leave us a comment down below or check out or other blog posts for more helpful info! 

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