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Tips and Tricks to Gaining a Bigger Social Media Following

By Hugo Fernandez
Tips and Tricks to Gaining a Bigger Social Media Following

If your business is on social media, you know how difficult it is to get the attention you want.

With so many people and companies competing for digital space and social sites favoring personal accounts, gaining a bigger social media following for your business can be an uphill battle.

Social media platforms are a free way to promote your business, and though they seem easy to tackle on the outside, you’ve probably discovered these “simple” platforms are not always that straightforward. You can invite your friends to “like” your page and follow your account all you want, but though your following will grow, your followers won’t necessarily be relevant to your business.

So for the benefit of your business, how can one earn relevant followers? Check out our tips and tricks to gain a bigger social media following.

Use each social media platform to your advantage

Each social media platform functions differently. You need to understand the main purpose of each one and how you can use them to your advantage. For example:

  • Facebook is great for video sharing and photo sharing.
  • Twitter is great for hashtags and short, punchy quotes.
  • Instagram is for high quality photos with great captions.

Being able to understand each platform can help you deliver the kind of content that could get attention on that specific platform. Your digital marketing strategy needs to be flexible if you want to gain a bigger social media following.

Engage with your market

Engaging with your market isn’t as simple as you think. You need to consider what posts your followers are interested in and will comment on. You need to know your market in order to deliver relevant content. Only post things that are related to your business. People aren’t going to care about what you’re wearing if your business isn’t related to clothing.

Start responding

Another thing to take note of is your responsiveness towards your followers. You are likely to gain more followers online if you respond quickly to inquiries, comments, or just any type of engagement. It can also help get your business great reviews and feedback from potential clients.

Make connections

Connections are everything on social media. Being connected to the right people can help increase your exposure and gain followers. Talk to different influencers and try to strike up a deal with them. They can tag you in a post or even encourage their followers to check out your account in exchange for free or discounted products.

influencer post on instagram

Be active…long term

You need to be consistent on social media if you want to stay relevant. Posting consistently will help remind your followers of your existence. Note that posting consistently for a week doesn’t count. You’ll need to keep it up if you want to truly see the fruit of your social media efforts, because people will only follow an active account on social media. For help with this, look into sites that help you automate, like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Link it up!

Another way to gain more followers is simply a social media best practice – link your accounts! Make sure your Facebook profile has your Instagram handle and LinkedIn page, and vice versa. This way anyone who views your account from one platform can check out your other accounts. You should also post your links on your website and your email.

Ride on trends

Social media is powered by trends that come and go; there will always be something new. Keep yourself up to date and keep an eye on trends you can hop on, it might help get your content viral. A viral post is great for exposure and marketing, more people will visit your account and follow you. Currently, video content is most likely to do well on several platforms, including Facebook. Check out our blog post on how to boost your social media engagement through video content here.

Apply our tips and tricks to your social media marketing plan and see which ones work for best you. Every industry and business is different, and your success will depend greatly on how you execute your strategy and how committed you are. Give it time and be patient and soon you’ll see your social following grow.

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