Liz Cox

I am SOOOO pleased that I chose Just Digital to create my website. It is absolutely beautiful, functional, well laid out, drives traffic to my business and everything else that I could ever want my website to do for me.

They really got the ESSENCE of what sets us apart from our competition!

I MADE MONEY from my website within hours of my site going live. A client asked one of the common questions that we get asked, and rather than sending him the same answer that I always send, I just sent him a text with the link to our Resources page and he purchased a product already. LOVE THAT!

Hugo really took the time in the beginning to understand who I was, who we were as a company, who our target market / client was and what we were trying to achieve with our website. We wanted not only to let people know who we were, but also to be a nice resource for people, a platform to really help our clients in addition to growing our book of business.

I LOVE my logo! They nailed it right out of the gate, then we just did a few tweaks and we have an amazing brand now. They have been wonderful to work with as we got everything just right on the site, even and especially when I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted. They have GREAT ideas, vision and creative genius.

They also took care of writing the content, which was a huge help & relief. That is always where I would get stuck, even when I was just starting to think about having a website. Hugo helped me come up with a plan to continue to grow my online presence, he knows where my type of client hangs out online so that I can really focus on those platforms.

I now have a beautiful brand that really represents us, what we do, who we are, and they have duplicated that brand throughout our social media and the various search engines. They have done things that I didn’t even know were out there. I am beyond impressed and grateful for having Hugo and his amazing people as a key part of our outsourced marketing team.