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Tired of going through different agencies and not seeing results with your digital marketing efforts for your business? Whether you are looking for a rebuild of your existing site, new website, or paid ads campaign, we are focused on helping your tax resolution business grow.

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Is your website not generating you leads? Then it’s broken in need of the Just Digital touch.

If your website is not generating you leads, then it’s costing you thousands of dollars in lost cases!

Our web design and development approach captivates website visitors and turns them into leads who are eager to speak with a tax resolution specialist. Stand out from your competition with a website that works for you.

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Mobile-responsive web design

Optimized to convert leads

Reach your target market anywhere

Our team of tax resolution marketing experts are in your corner.

Just Digital is a tax resolution focused and experienced team. We have designers, developers, copywriters, online advertisers, and project managers who know your industry inside and out and will work their butts off for you. When you work with us, you get a whole team that consistently delivers a premium service. Doesn’t that sound better than trying to DIY your marketing?

The Just Digital Complete and Proven Strategy

Working with our team is like being welcomed into a happy family – we listen to you, we care for you, and we go the extra mile for you.

Web Design

Your website is your biggest online asset. We design and develop websites that attract tax resolution clients and effectively communicate your tax resolution services.


How can you stand a chance against national tax resolution firms? With the right branding, you can be positioned as the trusted tax resolution specialist and expert in your local market.

Online Advertising

Google Ads works well in the tax resolution industry because it is a pain driven industry. When people have problems with the IRS, they actively search online for information and relief. It's our job to help you show up there, capture those leads, and convert them into clients.

Call Tracking

When your phone is ringing from your Google Ads campaigns, we want you to have the confidence that phone conversations, details, and call data are tracked and recorded properly. Plus, we monitor and give tips to improve your conversions!

Reports & Analytics

Get access to reports and data so you understand the success of your marketing campaign. Stop guessing about your business growth and start using our data-driven marketing approach.

Seamless Communication

When you work with us, you get a responsive team that will never leave you hanging. Regular updates, speedy changes, and frequent check-ins are all part of the Just Digital experience.

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Contact us today to speak with a tax resolution marketing expert and learn how we can help your practice.

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You are passionate about helping troubled taxpayers.

We are passionate about marketing, technology and your business growth. Our mission is to help you do more of what you love.

Why are we the right digital marketing agency for your tax resolution practice? Simple – we care about you and your business. Give us a call about our tax resolution marketing services. You will not be disappointed.

“When getting my business started I wanted to do things the right way from the very beginning. I was told that Just Digital was the best in the business and they proved to be that. They designed and built a sharp and outstanding website for me and also developed a brand for me that matched my personality and accomplished exactly what I was looking for. Emily worked closely with me to keep me involved along the way. I appreciated how she always gave me the opportunity to give my input while also always having many ideas of her own that were consistently excellent. In addition to creativity, I value responsiveness and clarity of communication and Just Digital excels at all. I will continue to use Just Digital for all of my marketing needs.”

Justin Costello

Enrolled Agent


Boost your tax resolution practice growth online with Just Digital.

We have the skills, the people, the industry experience and the passion to scale your tax resolution practice. So the more accurate question is, if you’re ready to grow, why not Just Digital?

No more guesswork on how to grow your practice using digital marketing—we have the proven system.

We manage $1 million in annual tax resolution ad spend. We have the know-how to keep your ads approved with Google, choose the right keywords to bid on, and grow your practice sustainably.

We implement a comprehensive advertising strategy to maximize your advertising budget, and deliver qualified tax resolution leads.

No need to hire individual designers, developers, PPC specialist, copywriter, and CMO. Just Digital will be your marketing department.

Don’t worry—you don’t have to explain to us how your industry works! We understand the service you offer and your ideal client profile.

Leverage our marketing experience, expertise, and data from current and previous tax resolution clients. Our data and experience alone can save you thousands in advertising dollars.

Growing your tax resolution practice starts here.