Throttle Pay

A techy site for a new startup aiming to rival Stripe.

Custom Illustration, Web Design & Development, Branding


How we positioned Throttle as a cutting edge player in the payment processing industry.

We love seeing new ideas and businesses come to life. When the founders of Throttle approached us with their idea for a new payment processor that’s simple, customizable, and affordable for merchants, we were excited to design a website that positioned them amongst the best of the best in payment processing.

Drawing inspiration from Stripe and various tech startups, we designed a website that is dynamic and visually interesting, making use of diagonals for section changes and flat mockup graphics. We contrasted the client’s chosen red color against a dark navy, and included ample white space to direct the eye to the section at hand.

It’s always exciting for our team to work with entrepreneurial clients who are passionate about design. We were very pleased with the result of this collaboration and glad the client was too!

“Well done work with my website, professionally managed and responsive to requests.”

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