Costello Tax Resolution Brand & Website

A fresh start for an ex-IRS Officer turned tax resolution specialist.

Branding, Web Design & Development


How we made a new tax resolution brand stand out online.

Justin Costello had been an IRS Collection Officer for 15 years before he decided to start his own business helping Americans in tax trouble. He needed a brand and website that would establish him in the tax resolution industry, but also set him apart as an expert with a unique understanding of the IRS.

During our strategy sessions, we discovered Justin’s passion for changing his clients’ lives and the characteristics he wanted to display: honesty, empathy, and expertise. We designed a brand that is both professional and warm, with a unique color scheme to make his site memorable. The website graphics include curved lines that imitate the logo’s smooth “C” icon. The design is clean and easy to navigate, allowing those in tax trouble to get in touch with an expert quickly and hassle-free.

“When getting my business started I wanted to do things the right way from the very beginning. I was told that Just Digital was the best in the business and they proved to be that. They designed and built a sharp and outstanding website for me and also developed a brand for me that matched my personality and accomplished exactly what I was looking for. Emily worked closely with me to keep me involved along the way. I appreciated how she always gave me the opportunity to give my input while also always having many ideas of her own that were consistently excellent. In addition to creativity, I value responsiveness and clarity of communication and Just Digital excels at all. I will continue to use Just Digital for all of my marketing needs.”

Justin Costello

Costello Tax Resolution