Clergy Tax Resolution

A new brand and website for a niche tax resolution business.


A flexible brand and professional website to get a new business off the ground.

Reverend Cedric Alexander approached us about helping him market his new business focused on assisting his fellow ministers. His tax resolution business would be an expansion of his current tax practice, helping clergy and religious organizations out of complex tax issues.

Starting with the brand, we created a monogram logo with a dual visual meaning. It subtly incorporates the scales of justice, and the “T” is reminiscent of a cross. The logo design was also easily transferrable to the client’s first business, Clergy Tax Financial (CTF), so his businesses could be visually linked.

The website features a calm, professional color scheme, custom icons, and a welcoming look and feel. Potential clients can easily find the information they’re searching for and contact Clergy Tax Resolution hassle-free.