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Medical Spa Marketing: A Guide To Successfully Marketing Your Med Spa Business

By Just Digital Team
Medical Spa Marketing A Guide To Successfully Marketing Your Medspa Business

Medical spas, commonly known as med spas, are considered to be one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. However, with rapid expansion comes a surge in competition. To stay ahead, you must actively keep up with the latest trends. A solid medical spa marketing strategy can help you boost traffic to your website, which will result in more sales for your med spa in the long run.

“New technology, younger patients, and a desire to avoid surgery, among other motivations, have led to an explosion of new consumers.”
American Med Spa Association

The trend of combining luxury day spa treatments with cutting-edge aesthetic medical procedures is gaining popularity. This means that traditional methods of marketing your med spa are no longer sufficient to attract new patients or maintain the loyalty of existing ones. New eras and audiences necessitate new strategies that can keep up with the demand.

In fact, a study released by Allied Market Research states the worldwide medical spa market was valued at US$11.1 billion during 2017, and is now expected to reach US$27.6 billion by 2025. This implies a compounded yearly growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2% over the period.

That being said, the growth of the med spa industry doesn’t promise success for your med spa business. You’re going to have to master the art of marketing your business and we’re here to help!

This article will teach you how to market your med spa business online and how to create a simple, yet solid, medical spa marketing plan. We’ll also give you some tips and tricks to grow your clientele.

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What is digital marketing?

medical spa marketing What is digital marketing

If you’re used to traditional marketing methods and haven’t explored the vast world of digital marketing, this section is for you. We’re going to discuss digital marketing to give you an idea of what you’re in for.

So, to start, what is digital marketing? Digital marketing refers to all marketing activities that involve an electronic device or the internet. Businesses use digital channels including websites on search engines, social media, email, and digital ads to engage with present and prospective consumers.


Why is digital marketing important?

medical spa marketing why is digital marketing important

Digital marketing allows you to reach a broader audience compared to traditional marketing approaches, and is typically less expensive. It also allows you to target the prospective customers who are more likely to buy your product or service. With digital marketing, you can track your progress on a daily basis and make adjustments as needed.

Types of digital marketing

medical spa marketing types of digital marketing

Once you start marketing your medical spa business you will encounter different types and areas of digital marketing. To help you familiarize yourself, here’s a list of the main areas of digital marketing:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the process of boosting the quantity of traffic to your website by optimizing it to “rank” higher in search engine results pages. Websites, blogs, and infographics are among the mediums that profit from SEO.

There are several approaches to SEO that may be used to bring quality visitors to your website. These approaches include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

Content Marketing

This word refers to the development and promotion of original content assets in order to increase brand exposure, traffic, lead generation, and customer acquisition. Here are some of the channels that may be used in your content marketing strategy:

Blog: Writing and publishing articles on a company blog helps you exhibit your industry expertise while also driving organic search traffic to your website. As a result, you’ll have more chances to convert website visitors into leads.

Ebooks: Ebooks, whitepapers, and other long-form information can help website visitors learn more about your business. They also allow you to trade content for a reader’s contact information. Doing so creates leads and guides individuals through the buyer’s journey.

Infographics: There’s an increasing demand for visual content. Website visitors prefer to be shown rather than told. Infographics are a type of visual content that helps website visitors visualize an concept you want them to understand.

Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing uses social media to promote your brand and content. Social media marketing raises brand recognition, drives traffic, and creates leads for your brand. You can utilize the following channels for social media marketing:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

PPC is a type of digital marketing in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads. Google Ads is one of the most prevalent forms of PPC. It allows you to pay for top spots on Google’s search engine results pages by paying “per click” for the links you add. You can also buy ad slots on social media and other websites.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of performance-based advertising in which you get compensated for promoting someone else’s products or services on your website. Here are some examples of affiliate marketing channels:

  • Hosting video ads through the YouTube Partner Program
  • Using your social media profiles to share affiliate links

You can also make use of affiliate marketing by paying others to promote your site. For example, influencer marketing is a form of affiliate marketing.

Native Advertising

Native ads are primarily content led ads that are featured alongside other non-paid content. You’ve probably seen native ads on Buzzfeed’s sponsored blog posts.

Marketing Automation

This is term used to describe softwares and tools that automate repetitive tasks to help businesses market more effectively across multiple online channels.

Email Marketing

This is a marketing strategy for businesses to communicate with their customers efficiently. Email is frequently used to promote content, promotions, and events, as well as direct customers to your company’s website.

Digital PR

Digital PR is a method of generating online coverage through digital publications, blogs, and other content-based websites. It’s similar to traditional PR, except it’s done online.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that involves attracting, engaging, and delighting consumers throughout the buyer’s journey. Every digital marketing method described above may be used as part of an inbound marketing strategy to create an optimal customer experience.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is when you pay another business or organization to generate and promote content that mentions your brand or service in some way.

Influencer marketing is a prominent form of sponsored content. A brand funds an influencer in its industry to produce posts or videos linked to the brand on social media.

Another example of sponsored content is a blog post or article intended to emphasize a topic, service, or brand.


Why should I market my medical spa business digitally? What are the benefits of medical spa marketing?

What are the benefits of medical spa marketing

More and more people opt to visit a medical spa to improve their appearance or to get treatments. The medical spa market is expanding, which opens up new revenue streams for medical spa owners. However, in the future medical spa owners will face increased competition, increasing operational costs, and the lack of a professional medical spa marketing plan.

Successful businesses are built on smart strategies. These days businesses can no longer rely on traditional marketing strategies. You need to have a solid plan to have a shot at success. An effective medical spa marketing plan can do miracles for your med spa business, whether it’s SEO, social media marketing, customer management, or brand building.

You will be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits if you market your medical spa correctly. Of course, you must guarantee that your medical spa marketing strategies are robust, effective, proven, and well-executed. The following are some of the major benefits of effective medical spa marketing:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate website traffic
  • Engage with your audience
  • Generate valuable leads;
  • And therefore boost conversions and increase sales
  • Inform your audience
  • Establish authority

Creating a successful business marketing plan takes a tactful strategy and a well-thought-out implementation plan to ensure success. Staying on top of marketing trends, trying new ideas, and reevaluating what isn’t working should all be part of your plan. There are a variety of aspects that may assist your med spa business when you take the time to analyze what is necessary for your medical spa marketing.

You don’t have to get wrapped up in the marketing side of things if you’re too busy running your med spa. We can help! Our agency helps businesses like yours grow their business through digital marketing. Investing in these services may be quite beneficial in the long run for your business.


How can I market my medical spa online?

Medical spa marketing how can i market my medical spa online

We’ve put up this guide to help you build a more successful future for your med spa business. It outlines all of the critical factors that go into a successful 21st-century marketing plan. You’ll discover examples and concrete advice that you can apply right away to refresh your marketing strategy and execution.

Medical Spa Marketing: Strengthen your brand

Medical spa marketing what is brand

Building a brand and a good reputation in a growing industry is crucial. Having a strong brand can help you stand out from the competition, build credibility, and gain the trust and confidence of clients.

You want your brand to be synonymous with quality and competence. In order to do that, you need to create a brand promise.

“A brand promise is a value or experience that customers can expect from a brand every time they engage with it. The higher the brand value in the minds of consumers and employees, the more a firm can deliver on that promise.”

Live up to your brand promise to strengthen your brand and generate loyalty with your customers.

Now it’s time to start working on your brand. You can start with:

Brand Message

its a secret medspa

To create a strong brand you have to think about your business and your customers. How do you want future clients to see your brand? What are the values you uphold? List everything then check the commonalities between the two lists. If they complement each other, then you can add them to your brand message.

Think about it this way: patients come to your medical spa looking for solutions to their problems. They may want physical changes, but their motivation is rooted in emotion. They come to you because of their self-image, so your messaging should connect to this. You need to create a balance between factual information while appealing to their desire for self-improvement.

Always keep an optimistic attitude. Negative words can amplify whatever negative sentiments your prospect may be experiencing, as well as indicate that you are criticizing them. Nobody wants to go to a med spa that is judgemental.

Be honest! It’s a bad idea to exaggerate possible outcomes, or understate side effects or recovery timeframes. Making inaccurate statements can get you into legal trouble, and you will surely lose business.

A conversational tone is another part of a well-branded message. Don’t throw a bunch of jargon at your readers. Make your audience feel welcome and at ease by talking to them like a friend.

Lastly, you should talk to your audience based on who they are. Keep in mind that med spas cater to a wide age range of customers.

In fact, 69% of med spa patients are now under the age of 55, according to the 2017 Medical Spa State of the Industry Report. Millennials make up 17%.


Brand Visuals

Complement your brand message with brand visuals that best represent your brand. You will use brand visuals across all of your marketing materials including your website, social media posts, newsletters, posters, etc.

Remember, it only takes a few seconds to form a visual brand impression. That being said, you need visuals that not only grab the attention of your target audience, but will also stick with them.

These are the characteristics that influence how consumers and clients perceive your brand. Some of these elements include:

  • Your logo
  • Color palette
  • Fonts and typography
  • Imagery
  • Composition styles

These elements make up your visual brand identity, but they’re made up of more than just visible characteristics. The visuals convey a bigger message and concept. They set the tone for the rest of your brand.

It’s critical that your visual identity matches your brand’s overall identity.

To find your brand identity you need to:

  • Know your target audience
  • Pinpoint your goals
  • Identify your brand personality
  • Keep everything consistent

Once you have all of that down it’s time to start building your brand visuals. To make your life easier, you can always hire someone else to create your brand visuals. Our firm helps businesses just like yours to create logos, websites, and carry out a solid marketing plan. If you want to know more, contact us here.


Cure medspa

In med spa marketing, it might be tempting to use photographs of incredibly gorgeous models. Flawless skin and perfectly toned bodies might look good in photos, but they are not believable for prospective clients. For this reason, it’s best to use realistic images.


Medical Spa Marketing: Build a website

the marina medspa

You should know by now that times are changing. People don’t visit shops or stores as much to browse for things, nor do they search the yellow pages to find your number. Now, people opt to search online. So what happens if people don’t see your business when they search for it on Google? They’ll move on to a different med spa. Not having an online presence or a website means losing business for you.

A website is one of the most effective marketing tools and it also serves as a shop window for potential patients. People are searching for businesses and services on their smartphones and tablets. This means all of your potential patients will use internet search engines to find the services you provide. As a result, you’ll need a mobile-friendly, optimized, and responsive website design.

Your website is your first shot at making a positive first impression. Your website should convey to visitors that you are competent and trustworthy, and that you provide the services they require. It should convey that you are concerned about your patients’ well-being, and that you have a distinct brand personality that sets you apart from your competition.

Why is having a website so important for Med Spas?

v:o medspa

Your website only has a few seconds to catch a visitor’s attention, but your website visitors will vary. Some people are seeking a certain product or procedure, and they’re unsure if your med spa is the best fit for them. Some are still seeking information about certain procedures or products. They need additional information and the right provider to reach a decision.

Your website must provide whatever information each visitor seeks. The content must be simple to find and comprehend. Instead of making a sales pitch, aim to “sell” the reality that you’re an expert and a dependable resource. Convey that you help customers make well-informed decisions that will help them achieve their personal aesthetic goals.

The more informative your content is, the easier it will be for visitors to reach a decision. This speeds up the sales process. You no longer have to do the talking because your website will do it for you.

If you already have a website, make sure it’s optimized and mobile friendly. If not, it’s time to do some revamping. Make sure your website is clean, modern, and fresh.


Medical Spa Marketing: Go social

modere medspa instagram

Another important aspect of medical spa marketing is social media. You can use social media marketing to target certain audiences based on their geography and demographic. It also helps raise brand awareness for your company. You can even use social media marketing as a means to communicate with prospects and existing patients, and referring colleagues in order to grow your business both directly and indirectly.

Medical aesthetic treatments and procedures are already one of the most talked-about subjects on social media. Celebrities often promote their treatments and operations. Remember Kim K’s famous blood facial?

This is a great opportunity for you because celebrities are marketing and selling your services for you. People are now curious about these treatments. All you have to do now is connect the dots by tying these popular treatments to your med spa.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones with influence on social media. Influencers, micro influencers, vloggers, podcasters, and TikTokers are also great for medical spa social media marketing.

Remember that social media is mainly used by regular people for everyday, socializing purposes. For example, you might even see users talking to each other about certain medical treatments or procedures. You can engage in the discussion and reach out to people using social media.

Social media marketing isn’t something you can just start right away. Remember, it’s still important to start with a plan. The best way to start social media marketing is by creating a social media marketing strategy.

How to start medical spa social media marketing?

In order to start marketing on social media, you have to start by choosing which platforms to use. Are your prospective clients on TikTok? Instagram? Twitter? Do a little research to find out.

We suggest starting with Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok. These platforms are known to have niche communities, so you’ll surely find a handful of leads there. Post consistently on these platforms to share information and promote engagement.

A final thing to note is how you approach these platforms. Each one is used differently so you’ll want to create specific strategies for each.


Medical Spa Marketing: Start emailing

Email marketing does wonders! Why? Because email has the ability to achieve tasks that other channels cannot, all while allowing you to integrate other channels to create well-targeted, compelling campaigns.

Email marketing is extremely effective for lead nurturing. Emails give you the opportunity to contact website visitors and anybody else who has granted you permission to contact them. While email may be used to communicate privately with a single individual, it thrives when used to target specific groups of prospects.

Targeted group emails are great for giving sales or discounts, announcing events or a new product, and informing customers. You can send emails to potential and/or current patients. You can also optimize on multi-email workflows. These are emails that are sent in a series. Although the overall theme of the series is the same, the content of each individual email varies.


Keep your email subscribers engaged by including something unexpected. Keep things exciting by sending out promotions, contests, or surveys. You can even add humor by including memes!


Medical Spa Marketing: Advertise!

MadEmEl Med spa ad

Aside from regular medical spa SEO, investing in ‘paid media,’ also known as paid advertising, will help you reach out to new medical spa prospects. Paid advertising allows you to reach out to the general public and advertise your services to demographics you haven’t reached yet. Ad campaigns may be targeted to relevant people/users seeking for medical spa services using analytics-based search data.

Digital advertising fills in the gaps and widens the reach of your brand to new customers. More individuals will be aware of your brand and services as a result of digital ad campaigns. Pay-per-click (PPC), display advertisements, banner ads, social media ads, and native advertising are some examples of digital paid advertising.

Medspa google ads

Advertising allows you to achieve marketing results immediately. Ad campaigns may be turned on and off instantaneously, and real-time data can be used to track performance. You can make adjustments to content or other ad components on the fly if required.

Even better, you can employ A/B testing to assess individual ad elements. You can observe which words, colors, placement, and other factors lead to the most conversions and clicks. Click-through rates, keyword search volumes, and other metrics from PPC ads can also improve other areas of your inbound marketing approach.

Why invest in paid medical spa marketing?

Paid advertising can be a powerful marketing asset if you have the right team doing it for you. If you decide to utilize paid media to promote your medical spa, make sure it’s part of a larger inbound marketing strategy. This may seem like a daunting task for you, so we’d like to offer you our services. Just Digital can help you grow and market your medical spa online so you can focus on doing more of what you love.

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Start your medical spa marketing journey!

There are numerous factors to consider when you plan on creating and maintaining successful medical spa marketing strategies. Once you figure out the perfect formula that works for you, you’ll be able to attract more clients to your med spa and significantly grow your business.

Marketing is a time-consuming investment that requires a significant amount of knowledge and competence. This is why seeking professional help with your marketing needs can be extremely beneficial.

Just Digital is the place to go if you want to talk to experts regarding your med spa marketing. We have years of experience in helping businesses like yours succeed in the digital marketing game. Contact us here to talk about your marketing needs and we’ll provide you with further information about our services. We’re excited to work with you!

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