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Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO Ranking

By Just Digital Team

Success in SEO ranking doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience and an effective strategy for the results to show. It’s a long-term game. But that doesn’t make it unachievable. There are a lot of feasible opportunities to improve your SEO that are actionable.

Read and follow through on our suggestions below if you want to improve your SEO ranking.

SEO Ranking Tip #1: Don’t Stray

Content is king for SEO. The quality of your content should be your number one priority. After all, it’s what drives your SEO rank. 

When creating quality content, your main goal is to produce content that’s relevant to your business. Relevant content adds value to your business and increases site traffic. Your business also gains credibility, authority, and relevance. 

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The best way to stay relevant is to identify specific keywords or keyword phrases from each page of your website. Think about what keywords your consumers or readers might search for to get to a specific site or page. 

For example, if your website is centered around tax resolution, you can use keywords like:

  • Tax resolution
  • Tax resources
  • How to solve tax problems
  • IRS tax relief
  • Tax relief agencies

These keywords should be repeated several times in your website’s page. Use them in the URL, title, and headings, as well as throughout the content. You can highlight keywords by adding links to them or by using bold, italics, or headline tags. However, take care to make it seem natural. Don’t bombard your users with VERY BOLD IN YOUR FACE content.

Finally, to stay relevant, create content that is consumer centered. Your audience must be top of mind as you write, or you’ll end up making something nobody’s interested in reading. Coincidentally, if you prioritize your audience rather than SEO, the ranking should follow.

Tip #2: Stay Updated

Content Calendar Example

We can’t stress enough how important regular content is to improve your website’s SEO rank. Search engines are all for websites that continuously update their content. It keeps the website relevant and fresh.

That’s not to say it’s easy. Continually writing and publishing content on your website takes a significant amount of time, especially if you never figure out how to do it effectively.

Some things you can do to make the process less painful are batching, scheduling, and planning ahead of time. Try to make a content calendar or a content schedule you can keep up with. Block out chunks of time in your own schedule to write, then take care of multiple articles at once. Once you get in a groove, content creation will get easier!

Tip #3: Make it Readable

SEO Tip Make It Readable

In addition to relevant content and keeping your website updated, you have to make your content readable. This can mean a few different things:

  • Break up blocks of text with images, icons, lists, quotes, and headings.
  • The ENTER button is your friend. No internet user enjoys reading long, exhaustive paragraphs. Keep the idea flowing but space out your sentences with new paragraphs constantly.
  • Avoid jargon or a lot of technical language. Your content should be accessible to all and enjoyable to read – write like you’re having a conversation with a friend.

Remember that the more readers you have, the better your SEO ranking will be.

Tip #4: Link it Up!

SEO Tip Link Building

There are two types of links that are important for your SEO ranking: backlinks and links within your own content.

Adding links to your content is the easy one. Like we already mentioned in the keywords section, it’s extremely effective to insert a link here and there on relevant keywords. Link to related articles and sites – just not your competition!

The bigger feat when it comes to links is getting backlinks. This is when another site has linked to your site in order to provide their users with helpful content (another reason to stay relevant when you write!). Google ranks a site much higher if it has multiple backlinks, because it proves that the site contains valuable information.

You can put your content out there and wait for backlinks, or you can ask for them. Offer to write a guest post for another site, and have your article link back to your own site.

Additionally, listing your site on Google My Business, social media accounts, and third-party websites (ex. Zillow for realtors) will give you free backlinks with next to no effort.

Tip #5: Go Multimedia

SEO Tip Use Multimedia Platforms

Create a new experience for your users by mixing in multimedia to your website. There are a ton of ways to express yourself on your website. You can experiment with video content, images, graphics, and more. 

Consumers increasingly have shorter attention spans and prefer websites that make it easy to consume content. Mixed media should achieve this while keeping things interesting. Instead of writing out a story, make a video of you telling it. Rather than explaining a concept at length, create a diagram. Tools like Canva are extremely user friendly and versatile, not to mention free!

Google loves videos and other forms of media. Using various mediums to convey your message on your website is a big step to improving your SEO ranking. Find some inspiration on other sites in your field that you like and get creative!

Tip #6: Use Alt Tags for Higher SEO Ranking

SEO Tip Optimize and Use Alt Tags

Once you’ve introduced multimedia to your website, make sure to always describe your visual and video media using alt tags, or alternative text descriptions. Alt tags allow search engines to locate your page – this makes it super helpful for text only web pages. 

what are alt tags?

You can add an alt tag on a WordPress site by clicking on the media item and selecting the “edit” icon. Give a short description of the image in the “Alternative Text” box, and make sure you use your keyword!


  • Keywords are crucial
  • Regularly update content
  • Be reader friendly 
  • Use descriptive links
  • Explore multimedia
  • Alt tags are important!

Give these suggestions a try and let us know when you see results. Comment down below which tips helped you the most!

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