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How User Intent Transforms SEO For Your Website?

By Hugo Fernandez
How User Intent Transforms SEO For Your Website?

SEO is not just about attracting an increased number of traffic to your website. In fact, it is about drawing in targeted customers to the website with the help of relevant keywords, and influencing them to purchase your product or services.

User intent plays a vital role in determining which keywords (relevant to the business) should be generated to help potential audiences to find what they are looking for.

Not all visitors will end up making a purchase from your website. There are 3 types of user intent which are identified as:

  • Informational user intent- Users who are trying to get information about something
  • Navigational user intent- Users who are trying to access a particular website
  • Transactional user intent- Users with a strong intention of making a purchase

Need to Strive for User Intent

User intent plays a crucial role in your SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) efforts. Given below are key reasons as to why identifying user intent is crucial for content optimization.

  • Allows users to get a closer match for the search terms used by them
  • Helps search engines to classify the content
  • Creates more engaging, relevant content
  • Attracts high-quality, targeted traffic to the website
  • Better adapted for mobile search
  • More cost efficient

Aligning SEO Strategy With User Intent

Targeting transactional search terms- It is a well-known fact that transactional search terms will help to generate revenue. These terms have been the focus of SEOs for years and it should remain that way.

Targeting informational search terms- Drawing up a content strategy that is aligned to your user intent can result in a serious content marketing magic. Creating great informational content for the user can have a great impact in terms of leaving a positive impression on the user prior to making a purchase and earning links as people refer to the content.

Understanding The Flow of Your User

Identify your key user flows and actions that you want users to finish on your site according to where they are in your sales funnel. Understanding user intent and user flows will help you with your CRO (conversion rate optimization).

Adjust Your Appearance In Search

Your appearance in the Google search should align well with the user intent. Title tag and meta descriptions are two standard influencers here. For example, if the transactional search term is used then meta data should be alluring and use purchase driven vocabulary.

On the other hand, if the informational search term is used make sure that the informational content you provide on your website will solve the searchers’ problems.

Do Not Forget Local Search 

Do not forget to optimize your local search in order to sweep up an increasing number of mobile traffic using Google to search for desired products, services, or websites. Some statistics have shown that mobile search has a 75% possibility of action taken by the user.

Coming to Conclusion

Your SEO strategy should revolve around identifying the user’s intent and generating relevant keyword terms that help them to achieve as close as results possible.

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