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Top 20 Healthcare Web Designs in 2022

By Just Digital Team
Healthcare Web Designs in 2022

As the world becomes more digital, hospitals and healthcare centers are becoming more dependent on their websites to further their missions. Web design is critical to how healthcare institutions serve and motivate their patients. Especially since they are often the main outlet for sharing content.

A fantastic web design is crucial when it comes to healthcare websites, but the foundation on which they are designed is much more important. Healthcare administrators need a content management system (CMS). Having one enables them to make simple edits and improvements to their website.

The efficiency of healthcare providers’ services determines their effectiveness. In an era where most of us look for facts online before making a decision, a well-designed healthcare website is the most valuable marketing tool.

“Search drives 3x more visitors to hospital sites compared to non-search. Search is by far the preferred way for patients to find healthcare providers online.”
– Google

Consumers looking for nursing homes, physical therapy, and chiropractors are more likely to contact healthcare providers after conducting a search, according to LSA Insights’ study. Consumers are now shifting from internet searches to phone calls in certain healthcare verticals.

Getting an updatable healthcare web design is especially important during times of crisis. Look for example at the Covid-19 pandemic. We were all desperate for clear information from healthcare providers as to the concerns associated with the Covid-19 virus.

The majority of visitors to healthcare websites are searching for information. As a result, these healthcare website designs must be appealing to the eye, user-friendly, and simple to navigate. Our team at Just Digital compiled a list of some of the best healthcare website design inspirations online.

Key Components Of The Best Healthcare Website:

Key Components Of The Best Healthcare Web Designs

Healthcare has been reluctant to embrace digital transformation. This is due to legal constraints, its traditional nature, and a staggering variety of demands for patients’ needs.

Despite these obstacles, healthcare is one of the sectors that will most benefit from adapting to the digital age. Six key components to include for effective healthcare web design are the following:

User Generated Experience

People are only in the hospital for a small percentage of the time. That is why a good user experience is critical for healthcare organizations. It is now anticipated from all of our digital touchpoints. People are often unable to make compromises when it comes to user experience. They’ll either stop using the service altogether or go somewhere else.

Your healthcare web design should be easy to navigate, immersive, fast loading, and informative. These aspects contribute to improving your user experience and making your website better.

Mobile Friendly

This can be grouped with user experience, but it’s relevant enough to include separately. There is a growing percentage of consumer journeys beginning on phones or tablets.

In essence, the smartphone has replaced the traditional gatekeeper. Your website must be easy to access on the smallest display possible if you expect your customers, prospective patients, and staff to use it.

Fortunately, having a decent user interface without raising IT workload isn’t challenging. Using responsive designs and content management systems can help render on mobile devices easily.

If you have any questions about making your website more mobile friendly, please feel free to reach out. We’d love to chat!

Valuable Content

The self-service craze that has swept other markets is now sweeping healthcare. We live in an environment that is becoming more patient-centric. Self-service and patient engagement is now playing an important role in the healthcare system. Remember your website is at the cutting edge of this shift. That’s why it’s crucial to create material tailored to patients:

  • It’s in high demand. People tend to hear more about their healthcare from a trustworthy source.
  • The more educated the patient is, the lower the average cost of treatment. With rising costs, cost savings that don’t compromise treatment are critical.

Second, the website is also intended for healthcare practitioners. If you have a dedicated portal, a subdomain, or even a separate site, you must also create and provide content for them.

Personalized  Experience

In today’s online marketing landscape, personalization is key. If the website complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA and the patient opts in, these types of advice could work well with healthcare websites. This type of customization is important to remember. Particularly for organizations that have patients log into a consumer portal.

Data-driven behavior modification is nothing new. However, one of the most effective ways to communicate with patients online is to personalize to the individual’s level.

Optimized & Integrated

The complexity of healthcare services is well-known. A need for a highly specific device with a highly specific use case is part of this. Furthermore, data sharing and openness raise a few security, privacy, and ethical questions.

Regardless, the advantages of storing all of your details in one location are too appealing to ignore.

Back-end processes will run more smoothly, quickly, and cost-effectively, and it would also allow for innovations such as:

  • Automated process
  • Accurate resource allocation
  • Improved diagnostics
  • Patient waiting time is reduced.

Any website redesign or overhaul must consider how to interact with networks. This is due in large part to the fractured nature of the healthcare sector.

Secure & Private

Private businesses, especially service providers, have expanded their customer service offerings. These days it goes beyond basic phone support. It now includes ticketing services, live chat, chatbots, and social media-powered assistance. The same would be required of healthcare providers.

You will dramatically improve overall customer satisfaction if you can provide timely support. It’s best to use a medium that the consumers like. Plus, it will be much less costly per contact.

Top 20 Healthcare Web Designs

Mayo Clinic

Mayo clinic healthcare web design

We normally wouldn’t associate digital medical or healthcare facilities with bright and happy colors. We normally think about boring blues and greys, but Mayo Clinic’s website proves us otherwise.

The Mayo Clinic is a well-known healthcare facility with branches all over the United States. It has a website with colorful images, a tidy interface, and current content. Site users can find information about patient treatment, departments, products, facilities, and services. They also get access to educational resources on the home page.

It’s a very simple website that’s easy to navigate. There’s not much extra fuss, which makes it ideal for website visitors of all ages to use.

Vidant Health

Vidant health

Another healthcare website we adore is Vidant. We love how they contrasted the colors using blue and orange. It ties everything together and makes it easy on the eyes. The vibrant CTA button should also be commended as it really grabs the users’ attention.

Centura Health

Centura healthcare web design

The Centura Health website isn’t the most innovative, but it’s functional. The website’s design is simple and transparent. There are only five main links and two secondary icons in the navigation menu. We often see more than 20 things vying for attention in the navigation bar of certain healthcare pages. This makes Centura’s a breath of fresh air.

We give props to the accessibility of Centura Health’s website. It has an easy navigation bar. And it has a prominent view of the search button in the middle of the home page. The platform also adheres to accessible design best practices. Their use of broad, high-contrast fonts makes it easier to read for users with visual impairments.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleaveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic’s website has a mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly interface. The site’s content is specifically divided into sections for patients and physicians. As a result, site users would have an easier time finding the information they need. Images, blogs, and fitness tools can be found in the site’s health library.

We also enjoy the web design’s subtle details that are quite interactive. For example, photos zooming in when your cursor hovers over it, or how the buttons would lighten for emphasis. These small details are already helping in boosting the user’s experience.

We also appreciate them for adding in an automated chatbox, this eliminates the waiting time which is always a plus.

Rest Assured

Rest Assured Healthcare web design

The Rest Assured website is available to all users. It’s designed and developed to meet the WCAG 2.0 AA standard of accessibility compliance. This is usually a good option for companies in every industry.

The website has accessibility design elements. You can see this in their big, high-contrast fonts and simple keyboard navigation. Screen readers and other text-to-speech apps use alt text on all photographs on the Rest Assured platform. It reads and translates material for people with visual disabilities.



MedExpress is a premier critical care facility. Patients can learn more about this center’s services, treatments, and procedures by visiting its website. Patients may use this platform to locate the nearest MedExpress Center. The MedExpress website is user-friendly and loads quickly.

We’re also loving the pay my bill page that plenty of healthcare web design lacks. This is a critical feature, especially now when people are apprehensive about visiting the hospital too often. Being able to pay medical bills online eliminates risks and creates a better experience for users. This feature is certainly a must-have, just make sure your online payment is secure.

Mercy Health

Mercy Health Healthcare web design

Mercy Health’s website uses vibrant graphics, imagery, and color to engage the viewer. The site’s frequent use of rich, colorful imagery helps to encourage a sense of hope and excitement. Take a look at the carousel under the header, along with other photos within the site. While the use of a rich, bright green color for the search box was an excellent choice for promoting a sense of health and well-being.

Trust Care

Trust Care

TrustCare is a walk-in intensive care center. New blog posts and specialty treatment resources are available on their website. Its minimalist style contains more text than images. The TrustCare website is easy to use and navigate. Visitors can view TrustCare locations and pay their bills online.

West Coast Endodontics and Sedation Centre

West Coast Endodontics and Sedation Centre

The website design for West Coast Endodontics and Sedation Centre is very clean and minimalistic. The eye-catching banner pictures appeal to the Burnaby, British Columbia-based firm’s clients. The site’s use of white space aids in the easy reading of their content and photographs. The page titles are cut into the banner images of dense, white type, which is a unique design feature. The typography and colour scheme complements the dental practice’s identity.

They do an excellent job of leading users through the content on their website. The website design includes a basic navigation menu and a bold call-to-action. You can find the CTA in the header, this allows users to schedule an appointment online. There is a straightforward path to being a customer from the moment you arrive on the web.

Fitwise Physiotherapy

Fitwise Physiotherapy healthcare web design

To send a positive message, the site employs high-quality positive imagery throughout. The website contains details about the company’s services and schedule. There’s also detailed information on a variety of physical ailments.

It is one of the best medical websites in Australia thanks to its soothing color palette and friendly images.

Rush University Health

Rush University Healthcare web design

Rush University Health Medical Center is a prestigious hospital with a prestigious platform. Its simple interface allows site visitors to locate a doctors, view health records, and schedule appointmentsPatients can also use the web portal to view their medical records.

The Haven

The Haven

The Haven is a sober living home and drug care facility. It stands out as a top healthcare website thanks to its logo and color scheme. Many of the visual features and hover effects work together to share the center’s and patients’ stories.

Many of the visual features and hover effects work together to share the center’s and patients’ stories. The Haven uses various elements to lead site users across their service offerings. Elements like picture galleries, blog entries, testimonials, and embedded videos on the homepage.

The center’s on-site donation page is designed to complement the center’s website identity. It also makes the donation process as simple as possible. We can attribute that to the limited fields and recommended donation numbers.

The Haven had a distinct vision for the look and feel of their website, as well as the message they needed to send. Their imagery is coherent and pleasing to the eye.

Building a good healthcare website requires having a consistent vision for the brand.The addiction center’s decision to house their donation process on their website is great in retaining donor interest. It’s also great for having them on their platform for longer.

Regional One Health

Regional health

A variety of visual storytelling is often used to convey messages on healthcare websites. Prospective patients value facility visits, provider interviews, and therapy recordings.

Regional One Health does an excellent job of using video to tell their story. The usage of an immersive and dramatic video as the homepage’s hero section captivates the audience. It also encourages the user’s belief that Regional One has the cure to their health concerns.

Olathe Health

Olathe Healthcare web design

Another healthcare website design that uses video as its main visual cue is Olathe Health. Olathe Health provides a platform that effectively communicates competence and value.

The above-the-fold region of their medical website design is where you can select a location, get doctor information, access portals, and pay your bill. In the top navigation panel, their phone number is prominently displayed. This button is responsive, allowing users to call right from their website.

The banner section contains videos of customers that seem to be pleased with their operation. Such videos will aid in the engagement of their website users. Their website is clutter-free, which is one of its best features. It effectively emphasizes the desired behavior that their guests should take. As a result, they turn a large percentage of their monthly visitors.

Heritage Hospice

heritage hospice

Heritage Hospice’s use of vibrant colors and cheerful graphics provides a welcoming appeal for a hospice website. The overall healthcare web design is very inviting and the interface is simple to follow. The material is readily digestible for readers thanks to the nice combination between text and pictures.

The online donation option on Heritage Hospice’s website is highlighted in a red button at the top of the navigation menu. The donation page is easy to navigate. Plus it includes recommended donation numbers, dedications, and a recurring donation function.

The hospice can easily publish daily updates because the News and Events page is set up in a blog style.

To better express their message, they have a lovely combination of text and images. They did an excellent job of choosing photographs that matched their brand.

The photos they used sends an optimistic message. We should also mention that they selected stock pictures over their own photography. Your clinic should use pictures that are consistent and fit together to tell your organization’s story.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

This site earned a spot on our list thanks to its dynamic homepage banner, strong graphics, uncluttered interface, and impressive backdrop. The style is further enhanced by the banners’ use of powerful content.

All pages of the website have a high-quality background that complements the content and color palette. Their content explains everything in great detail to ensure that guests have all of the information they need.


NextCare Healthcare web design

The NextCare website is easy to use and offers information about its walk-in clinics, doctors, and wellness services. Health services, insurance, locations, and medical rebate plans are all listed on the NextCare home page. Patients should log in online to save time at the clinic.

We particularly love the use of graphic illustrations throughout the website to communicate the brand’s message. It looks neat and it ties everything together.

Rose Center For Dermatology

Rose Center For DermatologyConsumer reviews are one of the most influential parts of a healthcare website. Prospective patients rely on testimonials as one of their sought-after sources of information.

Rose Center For Dermatology Reviews

These testimonials give potential customers more trust in the healthcare provider. It also gives the provider more legitimacy. Looking for a website like this? Send us a message and let’s work together to create your dream healthcare or medical website!

Good Shepherd Community Care

Good Shepherd Community Care


The website for Good Shepherd Community Care is elegantly simple. The website for the treatment center is full of simple design features that help to bring the content to life. The homepage includes various elements to inspire web users to explore the platform. This includes an interactive map, a tracker, featured posts, and a social media live stream.

The navigation menu is one of the best features of this healthcare website. Good Shepherd does an excellent job by using buttons to illustrate relevant pages. Their contact information is readily accessible from every website thanks to the utility menu and footer.

A web accessibility widget and a Google Translate option are also included in the top menu. This allows site users to tailor the website browser settings to their own needs.

The website does an excellent job by splitting up its content and including the center’s own photographs. The branding is clean and crisp, and the style is very readable. The inclusion of online accessibility features is ideal for a company that caters to an older demographic that could be visually impaired.

5 Healthcare Design Trends For This Year

The healthcare industry is unique. Since it is a sensitive field, publicity and advertising can be difficult. The most difficult challenge is persuading your patients to trust you and your services.

Often individuals disregard the importance of healthcare website design in their marketing strategies. This results in the loss of future customers. Studies show 81% of patients who look for medical service providers online are dissatisfied with their experience on healthcare websites.

If you’re experiencing the same problems, it’s time to start incorporating new medical website design trends.It’s 2021, and as time passes, people’s needs and demands shift, and the website should too.

Let’s take a look at 5 healthcare web design trends you can incorporate into your website!

Optimistic and Hopeful Content

Burrell Behavioral Health

Expect to see content that promotes stability and hope on healthcare web design. Especially following a year of constant adjusting because of the pandemic. This response would encourage patients to return to hospitals and clinics. It can also reassure them of the facilities’ safety.

This message could be conveyed in the following ways:

  • Color Palette

We can use yellow as a prime example. Sunshine, warmth, happiness, and optimism are all synonymous with the color yellow. One of the two Pantone colors of the year is a yellow hue dubbed “illuminating.”

  • Imagery

Photography is being used to address mental health concerns. In the photos, you can see people taking action to maintain their mental health. Photos showing simple pleasures and creative projects on websites are also great. The photos should be able to show diversity.Try to include people of different races, ethnicities, skills, body styles, and gender identities.

Use imagery that depicts how people come together in groups and how important connections are.

Rather than portraying seniors as inactive and isolated, use images should represent them as engaged, diverse, multi-dimensional, and participating in authentic relationships

  • Stories from patients and caregivers

Photos of heartwarming relationships between patient and caregiver immerse the viewer in their personal journey.

Design That Is Simple But Effective

Therapy group of NYC healthcare web design

Flat design is made up of fewer, more detailed components. You might call it dull or low-quality design, but it is the polar opposite. Minimal interface features draw the attention of your visitors to the most important parts of your website.

The website visitors must notice what you want them to notice. Users’ attention may elsewhere by a packed platform. Pages filled with graphics or design features won’t help users find what they were searching for. It can also result in a slow-loading website, which would impact the clients’ customer experience.

Create a Responsive Healthcare Web Design.


Primed Medical Products

Disorganized and overburdened websites are not worth  customers’ time. These days people look for web pages that respond rapidly and easily. Your website’s behavior should be user-friendly and transparent in this way.

The website should conform to all screen resolutions.The site should be accessible to your clients on their smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops.

Parallax Scrolling Is In

Bates Dental

Parallax scrolling is one of the most convincing developments of 2021. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, this trend produces a 3D impact on the site.

When you swipe down your page with a parallax scroll, the backdrop goes slower than the foreground. It brings charm to the site and is much superior to a 2D page. It also extends the amount of time a visitor spends on the site.

Make Use Of Vectors


Vector graphics are Images made of mathematical equations. These images are versatile and of excellent quality. It’s common to need to enlarge your site’s logo and other graphic elements.

You’ve seen how pixelated and fuzzy pictures get when you increase their size. You can solve this problem by vectorizing images. It provides users with crisp, accurate, and resizable images. This makes the images fit into any resolution without sacrificing quality.

It’s time to create a safe space for your patients online

Creating an immersive interface with your healthcare website design is more important than ever in the wake of the pandemic. Consumers want healthcare service providers to have the same degree of technical skills as the other industries. As if lives relied on it, healthcare professionals would step up their digital game.

Remember that providing the best possible experience for the patients is the highest level of healthcare. Medical practitioners should exploit the power of the internet throughout the pandemic and after. This way you’ll be able to deliver safer, more accessible treatment. Do this by learning to regard your websites as centerpieces for their function and core of their care model.

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