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GetResponse Review 2021 : Features, Pricing, Benefits, Pros‐Cons.

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To finish off our series of email marketing software reviews, we’re going to be discussing an all around email marketing software – GetResponse. In this GetResponse review we’ll take a look at GetResponse’s pricing, features, updates, pros and cons, and more.

If you’re actively searching for an amazing email marketing software, then you’ve probably heard of GetResponse. The set of features for GetResponse has improved a lot recently, so much so that it is now turning itself into an ‘all-in-one’ marketing solution. Given its power and variety of features, GetResponse is ideal for businesses of all sizes. This is due to the entirely customizable user interface, making it quick and convenient to use.

However, the marketing funnel-based strategy may not suit everybody, especially if you’re used to working with traditional email marketing softwares. Currently, functionality like landing pages, CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management – basic type, and Webinar hosting are also provided by GetResponse along with marketing via email.

There’s no denying GetResponse’s popularity, but is it worth the hype? Before we jump into the review, what’s our rating? We give it a solid 4 stars. It has its drawbacks, but it’s definitely good. Keep reading to find out why!

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse Homepage Hero Section

GetResponse is a robust email marketing software that was founded by Simon Grabowski in 1997. It has been in business since 1998 and now boasts 350,000 users. The company launched its first autoresponder in 2000, and has now evolved to allow users to produce content, increase revenue, and website traffic.

GetResponse allows users to:

  • Create mailing lists
  • Send emails to your mailing lists
  • Using ‘autoresponders’ feature to automate the emails sent to your subscribers
  • Analyze the data reports data of your email campaigns

But GetResponse has dramatically changed its focus in recent years: the app now seeks to be more of an ‘all-in-one’ e-commerce and marketing solution than just an email marketing software.

Consequently, GetResponse now also offers e-commerce features, webinar hosting, landing pages and automatic sales funnels in addition to email marketing.

Who Should Use GetResponse?

GetResponse Homepage Personalized tools for you section

GetResponse can be used by any type of business. It’s an outstanding all-round email marketing software that can broaden your campaigns for email marketing. This email marketing solution teaches you the step by step process of designing an email campaign, making it perfect for anyone, from beginners to power users.

This software is only suitable for individuals who wish to spend a considerable amount of time designing email campaigns.  It takes a while to modify and familiarize yourself with all the features.

GetResponse Review – Benefits

GetResponse Benefits Infographic

GetResponse provides its users with tons of benefits. It’s email creator is user-friendly and encourages consumers to come up with emails that are already configured for different platforms, meaning as many people as possible are targeted through promotions.

There are hundreds of email templates to choose from. Plus, GetResponse’s targeting increases conversion rates and sales. You can also use the HTML tool to create your own code.

Thanks to smart automation, leads can turn into paying clients. There are also webinars available so that email marketing newbies can be equipped with tactics and tools for successful execution of the campaign.

GetResponse users also have a variety of ways to expand their list of subscribers. If the contact list is small, email addresses can be keyed in, while third-party integrations can be used with larger lists. Expired or invalid email addresses may also be deleted with BriteVerify.

You can view all of your campaigns in GetResponse’s dashboard. In it you can see the number of contacts that received your email, and how many opened it. Reports can be created and sent to the user’s inbox by simply refreshing the tool. It also simplifies finding contact numbers, as well as seeing the history of the campaign, including their click-through and open rates.

GetResponse Review – Pricing

GetResponse Pricing page price list

GetResponse has four available plans:

  • Basic – $15 per month for up to 1000 subscribers with no email delivery limit
  • Plus – $49 per month for up to 1000 subscribers
  • Professional – $99 per month for up to 1000 subscribers
  • Max – custom pricing for more than 100,000 subscribers

The more subscribers you add, the higher the cost. For example, 100,000 subscribers will cost you $450 for basic, $499 for plus, and $580 for professional. The ‘Max’ plan pricing will depend on your requirements and subscriber list. Getting this plan will require you to schedule a demo with GetResponse to discuss your needs and pricing.

Discounts are available if you pay upfront. Twelve months of service will get you an 18% discount, and 24 months of service will get you 30%.

All plans cover basic email marketing features like importing, growing, and hosting a subscriber list, e-newsletter templates, autoresponders, split testing, landing pages, reporting, RSS functionality, segmentation, and social sharing tools.

Some plans have features that aren’t available on the other plans. For example, the automation builder, webinars, team management, and some eCommerce features are only available for the plus plan or higher.

Automation Builder, Conversion Funnels, Webinars,

If you want to try any of the plans for free for a 30–day period, click here.

GetResponse Review – Features

GetResponse Features Page Features Section


GetResponse AutoResponders Feature

When your subscribers are sent scheduled e-newsletters at time intervals set by you, they are auto-responders. You are able to set them in a way that they promptly receive a lovely welcome message from your business once they have signed up into your list of mailing. Then, in 1 week or so, to attract them, they get an offer for a few of your services or products with a discount. And, later in maybe 3 weeks, they could get a message in order to encourage them in following you over social media. You could go on.

The functionality of the auto-responder of GetResponse is the main selling point since, among the set of features available, it offers the most comprehensive one.

Furthermore, you’re able to sent either action-based or time-based messages. The options of time-based messaging include cycles similar to the example as mentioned above. The messages sent by the action-based option are able to get triggered only by the actions or information of the user.

GetResponse has recently launched a fresh version of this functionality, named as “Marketing Automation”. This permits you to design automation workflows by utilizing an email builder called “Drag and Drop”, wherein, you simply develop an “Automation Flowchart” which instructs GetResponse about the further steps in case a user has opened a specific offer or the user has clicked on a specific link and so on.

This type of functionality is far above what is typically offered by auto-responders. It permits you to design a journey for your subscriber which can be modified extensively.

Segmentation Options

List Segmentation Page Feature

On GetResponse, you can easily create super specific segments for your customer list. To create a segment you can include attributes like:

  • Place Fields
  • Contact Information
  • Client action triggers
  • Subscription dates
  • Last time a client received an email
  • Custom data

It’s easy to use GetResponse’s segmentation features with its advanced contact management capabilities. You can create segments from search results with a single click based on the subscriber’s source of subscription, contact form, and contact status. You may also move contacts from list to list or duplicate them into another segment.

Templates of e-newsletter by Getresponse

GetResponse Templates

GetResponse is a good application in all aspects. However, there is a drawback when we talk about templates. GetrResponse templates are not as good as the competition.

The innovative templates which are offered unfortunately seem a little old-fashioned. Compared to the templates provided by Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp (as well as Aweber’s, if I may add), these are definitely not as attractive.

However, looking at the positive side, these templates are more modifiable i.e. you can modify fonts, imagery, and layouts very easily using the provided controls. And obviously, nothing can stop you to design your very own HTML template of an email as well as getting the code imported for the same.

Split Testing

GetResponse Split Testing Feature

Split testing means sending two or three emails that are exactly the same, but with a few changes (this could be changing your CTA, subject line, or maybe the photo you’re using).

After a period of time you check the performance of each email and send the email that works the best for everyone else on your list.

Out of all of the email marketing softwares, GetResponse’s split testing features are better because you can split test up to 5 different emails.

Landing Page Creator

GetResponse Landing Page Builder Feature

Unlike its competitors, GetResponse offers users the ability to build landing pages that are also mobile friendly. What makes it even better is the fact that it’s available on all plans.

There are 180 landing page templates on GetResponse that you can use with third party integrations.

Aside from the wide variety of templates, the landing page builder lets you create squeeze pages and split test them to check the conversion rates of each one. This will have a massive impact on your email campaigns by increasing your quality leads and conversions.


GetResponse Webinar Feature

GetResponse recently introduced a new feature that allows users to host webinars on their platform. The feature is only available to ‘Plus’ plans and above, but can be bought as an add on for the basic plan at $40 per month for 100 attendees, and $99 per month for 500.
The ‘Plus’ plan’s attendee limits caps at 100 participants, while the ‘Professional’ plan’s limit is at 300, and 500 for the ‘Max’ plan.

There are many upsides to this feature that pleasantly surprised us, like the fact that there’s no need to install any softwares or programs for attendees to join the webinars, screen sharing features, recording features, video sharing, and free online storage.

With upsides come a few drawbacks. One of the feature’s downsides is that only paid webinars can be run on the ‘Professional” plan or higher. You also can’t pay to increase the 500 attendee limit.

Given these limitations, the webinar feature is a rather valuable tool to have in your email marketing campaign and its use as a feature possibly gives Getresponse a very important advantage over its big rivals.


GetResponse Email Analytics Feature

Some very elaborate analytics, as well as reporting options, are offered by Getresponse. All the essential aspects such as rate of opening, of unsubscribing, clicking through etc. are available. However, additionally there are a few features which are kind of too nifty but are worth mentioning, such as below:

  • One click segmentation: An option for identifying individuals who did not have any engagement with the e-newsletter which you sent, as well as placing them into a different subscribers’ segment so they can be emailed later once again with the e-newsletter of another version.
  • Metrics over time: For most subscribers, you can get to know precisely the time when they would take any action over your sent emails. You can then time your mails in future as per this information.
  • Email ROI: You can add a tracking code on your page of post-sales of your site thereby, you are able to check how effectively or not, your campaigns of email are heading sales, as well as work on your returns on the email marketing investment.
  • Information per-user: In order to check on any of your subscribers, you can click on your subscriber to find out the place from where they have signed up, their location as well as which are the emails they have earlier opened.

GetResponse’s reporting tool is undoubtedly among the best you can find.

GetResponse Review Pros

  • Automation flowchart with drag and drop automation
  • Excellent analytics
  • Powerful Auto-responders

GetResponse Review– Cons

  • Very average email templates


GetResponse is definitely doing quite a few things right with its list of powerful and amazing features, such as its landing page builder, webinars hosting, and now its new Autofunnel tool. This email marketing software is definitely flexible enough to do about everything you need as an email marketing tool.

GetResponse really came through with all of its amazing features, and for that we give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Have you used GetResponse for your email marketing campaigns? Tell us your experience and thoughts in the comments section below.

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