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Evergreen Marketing Explained

By Just Digital Team

Evergreen Marketing… the term alone sounds refreshing and promising, but does anyone even know what it actually means? We do!

If you’ve spent enough time researching marketing or marketing strategies, you’ve probably come across the terms “evergreen marketing” or “evergreen content”. Chances are, you’ve probably been told that your business needs it…

But what exactly is it – and how do you go about identifying evergreen marketing opportunities? Moreover, why is evergreen content vital for SEO and content marketing?

Soooo many questions – and we have the answers!

We’re going to deep dive into evergreen marketing and learn what it means, why it’s important, and how you can apply it to your marketing strategy.

What is evergreen marketing?

what is evergreen marketing

Let’s be real, marketing is no easy task. You need to be a well of never-ending ideas to push one campaign after the next, and mind you, marketing is a hit or miss type of job. Some of your ideas may work and some might not.

Makes you wish you could produce content that requires little to no maintenance and could endure the test of time, doesn’t it?

This is where Evergreen Marketing steps in.

It’s a sustainable marketing approach. It may seem corny, but think of an evergreen tree when you hear the term “evergreen marketing.” Throughout the year, it remains green and fresh.

Evergreen marketing is the creation of simple marketing ideas, strategies, or concepts that can last for hours, days, or even years, bringing you new sales or prospects regularly!

That is evergreen marketing at its most foundational sense. It’s an idea that will outlast this week’s trends, next week’s headlines, and even the popular search keywords of the following several months. Evergreen marketing, on the other hand, has a long shelf life.

Let me give you an example to make it easier to understand:

Say you’re the owner of a cleaning supplies company and want to develop a piece of content that goes beyond seasonal trends or pop culture.

“Fundamental cleaning supplies every household needs” might be an evergreen content topic for you. This is a topic that will not become obsolete in a few months, regardless of monthly organic traffic patterns. Most certainly, homeowners will continue to raise this issue as long as dust and filth remain.


What are the advantages of having an evergreen tree? It is there throughout the year! An evergreen marketing campaign is the same way. Without frequent tweaking, evergreen campaigns will continue to have a long-term impact on your business. This concept is crucial for small business owners who are trying to sell their local or online business while also managing operations, financing, shipping, and customer support.

Let’s return to the cleaning supplies example:

You decide to go with the topic of fundamental cleaning supplies every household needs. You create a detailed list of the top 10 cleaning supplies (without the latest brands, just the item itself), along with photos and videos demonstrating how to use it and how beneficial it is to a home, and publish it on your website. The post takes off in the first month. The next month, the post receives even more visitors. Traffic is expected to increase in the next months and years.

You’ve written a timeless article. It applies to all searches, regardless of the time of day, month, or year. This post will most likely be one of your site’s most popular pages, bringing in a lot of traffic (and potentially a lot of new clients!) each month.

Concentrate on the evergreen 20% of your marketing that lasts – build and improve it so that it continues to grow.

That is one of the advantages of evergreen marketing. Whether it’s increased traffic, higher conversion rates, or more customers walking through your door, an evergreen marketing plan continues to benefit your business month after month. SEO is an example of evergreen marketing that has evident benefits and grows over time.

is it practical

Picture this scenario: You are launching a new line of Sneakers inspired by rock legends.

There can be more than one way you decide to market your products.

You can create temporary hype by creating a campaign and promoting an event for each sneaker you create (which is quite expensive if you ask me), or you can create one campaign to promote all sneakers that can cover all the events you promote for the years to come (sounds more efficient and sustainable right?)

In the second situation, all you had to do was pick an evergreen marketing strategy that would save you time and money for the next few years. You decided to target a large audience with a single campaign. But remember, evergreen marketing won’t apply to all situations. There are still times when it’s better to rely on trends.

So to answer this question, yes, evergreen marketing is a practical approach. One that gets you more sales but saves you time, money, resources and extra work

What are some Evergreen Marketing concepts?

Target audience

Your audience is an evergreen asset. Why? Because everything you do from this point onward will have to cater to your target audience. Your content, branding, products, and other marketing materials will all have to target your audience. You don’t switch from one audience to another while keeping your product the same!

Great branding

Branding should be all-encompassing when it comes to your business. A strong brand sticks to customers’ minds and can even be the reason you gain loyal customers. Once a person jives and supports your brand, they can keep supporting you for years to come. Now, do you see how that connects to Evergreen Marketing? Good branding will stick with people for decades. Your logo, brand name, color palette, product names, and tone of voice can all contribute to the success or failure of your company, so you best be strategic about it.


Now that you’re aware of how branding can impact your business, it’s time for you to understand how important choosing the right keywords are. This is, in my opinion, the most important! Don’t believe the hype that SEO is dead or that the newest social media fad will put Google out of business. Please keep in mind that, at the end of the day, the internet is a large database that uses words to index sites and assets. Perhaps something else will emerge in the future, but for the time being, understanding the keywords consumers use to search for your product or service is still really beneficial.

It was common practice a decade ago to try to rank for hundreds, if not thousands, of unique keywords. There was a LOT less competition back then, which made sense. Today, there are a million social media sites, videos, websites, and blog sites all vying for your prospects’ attention.

Learn more about which keywords your business can benefit from, then leverage that for years to come.


Good products will keep customers coming back for more. This makes it super important to do product research and to ensure that your products are of top quality. When you decide on a product to sell, stick with it. Don’t immediately venture out to sell other things because that will confuse people. Let’s say you sell hair dyes then you suddenly announce you will start selling shoes. It’s too random and might not fit well with the brand.


When creating a business model or marketing plan, it’s crucial to choose a few core values to adhere to. Then you remain with them through good times and bad. These values create your identity; if your identity is always changing, you have little chance of thriving or being recognized.

That implies that if *accountability* is the value your company adheres to, you’ll have to the value at the forefront no matter what!

You can’t just modify the values and policies on the fly for anyone, even if it’s because of a high-performing employee or a higher-up. From the beginning to the end, your values are there for you, which makes your values evergreen.


One of the permanent identities that you have to build is your website. You shouldn’t make big modifications to your website unless something is amiss or you’re planning a rebranding. Your website is one of your long-term investments, making it evergreen.


Your copy is what you use to promote yourself. It raises your brand recognition and helps you achieve your traffic, sales, and other conversion goals. It is, in a nutshell, your sales pitch. Some copy, such as web copy, doesn’t need to be updated as frequently.


Content is mostly the educational, inspiring, or informative material that you employ as a marketing strategy.

Are you familiar with the term “evergreen content”? If you work in the content industry, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the word.

After you’ve created evergreen content, it will continue to be in demand for a long time. Yes, you should make tweaks and updates to keep it current, but creating material from scratch does not necessitate a lot of effort.

Evergreen content is one of the most important aspects of evergreen marketing since it allows you to continue generating results for a long time. Examples of this can be blog posts, email marketing, and case studies.

how to identify evergreen marketing opportunities

To find evergreen opportunities, look at your direct competitors. You can see where their search traffic is coming from by using tools like Ahrefs. If a few articles or pages receive a lot of traffic, it shows that people are looking for this information. The age of the page will inform you if it is evergreen or not. It’s still relevant if it’s five or six years old and still receiving hits. So why should you let your competition get all of the attention?

Just because their page’s subject is relevant doesn’t guarantee the content is up to date. This is the sort of content you want to produce in the end.

The best content is that which people care about now and in the future. While generating news-related material might increase traffic, it will most likely fade away quickly. Instead, you should concentrate on topics that will have a long-term impact.

If you don’t want to pay for tools to find opportunities, Google Search Console, if it’s linked to Google Analytics, is also a fantastic option. Examine which keywords are ranking and which are reachable if you optimize for them.

Rather than creating new material for these keywords, which may be necessary, simply update or replace bits that are old or poorly written. This is a type of evergreen content maintenance that we recommend executing at least once a year for all of your pages and posts.

Evergreen marketing strategies

Rely on reviews and testimonials

Just digital client reviews and testimonials

Customer testimonials are among the most persuasive pieces of content you have at your disposal. In fact, in 2011 Google discovered that before purchasing a product, people examined an average of 10.4 sources (including the opinions of friends and relatives.)

Studies also show that adding testimonials to the checkout page raised conversion rates by as much as 64%.

You can’t afford to waste opportunities like that, same goes for your content marketing strategy.

Create multiple ads using reviews and testimonials from your customers as a simple way to start your first evergreen campaign.

This will help individuals to successfully articulate what makes your product/service exceptional directly from the buyers’ point of view.

Make your features beneficial

Just digital features to benefits

It’s no secret that today’s consumers are more knowledgeable when it comes to researching features and costs before purchasing a product or service. This percentage rises considerably for online purchases, with 78% of customers spending more time researching than they would at a shop.

While features might be uninteresting in and of itself, tying your product/distinctive service’s characteristics to the advantages of those features will help your buyer realize why your brand is better than the competition.

Focus less on the technical specifications when writing copy for your own company and more on how it will tie in with your consumers’ ultimate goal – addressing their problem with your service or product.

Show off your accreditations and awards

Just Digital awards

Everyone enjoys receiving recognition for a job well done. Not only that, but we want to brag about our achievements and accolades to the rest of the world. Sharing your accomplishments and successes with your consumers may also be a great way to build another form of evergreen marketing plan on the business side.

If your business has just received an industry award or another accolade for outstanding service, be sure to mention it in your Facebook ads as well. If you can connect this along with testimonials AND features/benefits, you’ll get bonus points!

Share your knowledge with the world

Just Digital Youtube page

If you go to YouTube right now, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a video instruction for almost everything. There are years worth of how-to videos available for any topic you can think of. We’ve all seen the hype surrounding it on YouTube, whether that be makeup tutorials, how to pack, and even how to cut your own hair, but the reality behind it is something we shouldn’t overlook.

Another important aspect of evergreen marketing comes into play here.

Instead of continually pushing sales or one-sided transactions that ‘talk at’ your clients, you may want to attempt a completely opposite approach: offering free help with their problems by providing step-by-step instruction. This will not only give your online persona a feeling of worth and value, but it will also demonstrate that you care about things other than how much money you can earn from your consumers.

With this strategy, you’ll have plenty of content for any future ads you want to make. Along with a ton of valuable content to keep your followers interested and satisfied in the meantime.

Evergreen marketing tips

Now that you’ve gained a greater understanding of evergreen marketing, there are a few more points to discuss. Content and marketing that is evergreen are not:

  • Your results
  • Reports with the potential to change
  • Current-events-related posts
  • Posts with a seasonal theme

Evergreen material usually follows one of the following patterns:

  • “How to” posts
  • Lists
  • Tips
  • Product reviews for products that don’t constantly change
  • Videos

It doesn’t imply you’re automatically generating evergreen content just because you skip publishing seasonal pieces in favor of writing a relevant product review. These structural types are intended to help you get started. At the end of the day, if your piece isn’t well-written or optimized, it’s unlikely to be noticed. Always keep in mind that having content on your site isn’t enough to attract visitors; providing valuable content is.

Keep your audience in mind

Keep in mind that the content you write is tailored to the audience for whom you’re writing. You should also avoid using insider jargon wherever possible. If you’re writing for beginners, it’s reasonable to assume that too technical jargon will put them off.

Avoid broad topics and frills in your writing. For example, an article about a wide topic is likely to be much lengthier than one about a specific topic. In fact, Time magazine research shows that 55% of readers spend less than 15 seconds on a page. This implies you have a very short window of opportunity to persuade your reader. Don’t throw them away because you’re writing junk. Finally, broad subjects and their related keywords are dominated by big businesses and have the most number of competitors. So, find your expertise and use long-tail keywords to your advantage.

Go evergreen now!

It’s tough and time-consuming to come up with new marketing material, especially when you’re expected to do it again and over again. So, what’s the big deal?

With Evergreen Marketing, you can give yourself some breathing room and distance.

Evergreen marketing can survive the test of time and provide you with the break you need to replenish your creative juices. Whether it’s a tutorial, testimonial, or even a summary of your platform’s capabilities.

We can teach you how to create content that is evergreen. Get in touch and we’ll chat you through how you can have evergreen marketing initiatives as well.

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