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Drip Review 2021 : Features, Pricing, Pros‐Cons

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Drip is an email marketing software designed with eCommerce brands in mind. In this Drip review, we’re going to talk about the concept of drip marketing, it’s pricing, features, and updates. We’re also doing to do a deep dive into the pros and cons of the software soo you can determine if Drip is a reasonable choice for your business.

Drip is at the top of its game when it comes to delivering marketing analytics for eCommerce brands. With Drip’s data collecting technology, you can collect a great deal of in information. Some of this information includes your customer’s browsing history, social media engagements, purchases and cart abandonments, and email interactions.

Although Drip’s features and integrations focus on helping eCommerce brands, any type of business can still use the software. Drip allows you to research, gather information, and create personalized and targeted marketing strategies.

Our verdict? We rate Drip 4 out of 5 starts, keep reading to find out why!

Drip marketing strategy header photo

To start this Drip review, let’s breakdown the concept of Drip as a marketing strategy.

The concept of Drip was derived from the communication strategy of the same name. It is a direct marketing strategy in which marketing materials are distributed to prospective customers continually over a given period of time.

To put it simply, drip marketing is all about giving the right knowledge to individuals at the right time. The beauty of drip emails is that all of this occurs automatically, based events or behaviors that trigger these emails to be sent out. Such as when a user signs up for an account, or when a user abandons their cart without checking out. This might warrant a welcome email in the next hour or day, or a reminder email to push your customer to checkout.

Drip marketing allows you to keep in touch with groups of consumers without having to manually write and send each email. There will be a queue of already-written emails waiting to be personalized with your logo, company info, and more.

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Now that you understand the concept of Drip as a marketing strategy, it will be easier for you to digest what Drip does as an email marketing software.

Drip email takes the concept of drip marketing and provides you tools you need to build a personal and profitable relationship with your customers.

What we love about Drip is its uniqueness. Its CRM is built especially for marketeers and eCommerce businesses, promising to help retailers convert leads into paying customers.

Drip wants to help businesses lead potential consumers through their shopping journey by personalizing the entire experience to increase revenue, repeat purchases, and consumer value.

Drip Logo

Drip can personalize the user experience by taking complex and distinct data, then capturing and synchronizing all data points in one place through tracking codes that you can place (via Drip) across all of your owned digital platforms. From the browsing history of the client, social media posts, cart abandonment and sales, and, of course, email engagement, Drip offers marketing insights like no other in a network designed for eCommerce.

It also offers one of the best automation features in an ECRM software without the steep price tag.

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Although Drip focuses on eCommerce through its features and integrations, any kind of business may benefit from its platform to analyze, gather information, and tailor marketing to consumers

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Drip makes creating email campaigns fun and interactive for the user and the customer that receives it. The software has a visual workflow builder that allows users to design the customer journey to their taste. Each phase of the workflow builder has tips that direct users and provide them with the information they need to grasp and complete their processes.


Manual responses to triggers are not required with Drip email. In its automation builder, the program has assorted triggers and appropriate reactions that save users time. The automated workflow feature makes it easier to help move customers to the next step of the buyer’s journey.

Targeted Campaigns

Not all emails are suitable for all subscribers. The great thing about Drip is they enable users to create targeted campaigns, whether that be full drip campaigns, email blasts, or one-off emails . This means they allow users to send emails to subscribers that suit a certain profile. This increases the probability of retaining subscribers, since subscribers will only be receiving emails that are relevant to them.

Numerous Integrations

Drip is able to connect to many channels and applications through its integration features. You can easily gather data, transfer information from one app to another, create stronger customer relationships, and improve customer experience.

Growing and Healthy Subscriber List

Drip has amazing email capturing methods that helps users gain more leads fast. Users can easily fill their subscriber list with widgets, embedded forms, triggered popups, and hosted forms.

In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that lists only contain active emails. That is why Drip offers tools for consumers to make sure their lists are free from inactive emails or duplicate emails.

Drip Pricing Header Photo

Drip has a very straightforward pricing strategy that highly depends on the amount of subscribers you have. You get access to all features and can send unlimited emails but for a limited number of subscribers.

  • 100 subscribers is Free
  • 500 subscribers is $19/month
  • 5,000 subscribers is $89/month
  • 10,000 subscribers is $154/month
  • 20,000 subscribers is $289/month
  • 50,000 subscribers is $699/month
  • 75,000 subscribers is $949/month
  • 100,000 subscribers is $1,199/month
  • 150,000 subscribers is $1,699/month
  • More than 150,000 subscribers varies

The price options are pretty easy to grasp. Unlike other email marketing softwares that offers additional features as you pay more, Drip gives access to all features at any price point.

Get your free trial here.

Drip Review Key Features

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In this Drip review we’ll only be tackling Drip’s key features

Tags rather than lists

Tags Feature on Drip

Earlier tools of email marketing used to contain lists and not tags. Creating and sending emails to every list is quite tough. However, in case an email ID of a subscriber is present in two separate lists, the amount charged for the same email will be double. With Drip that is not the case. With Drip, you can add multiple tags to one email. Charging is based on your account’s complete number of distinct emails present, with an unlimited number of tags.

Modified messages can be sent if you have got additional information regarding your subscriber. This aids in sending relevant messages to your subscribers and also brings about lesser rates of complaints as well as a reduction in unsubscribing. You can add your subscribers to tags using trigger links.

Tags can be created for individuals visiting specific pages while browsing through your website. Nevertheless, in order to do so, your website needs to be installed with Drip. This is similar to the Analytics code of Google which rests all over your sites’ pages.


Drip Automation Feature

The USP i.e. Unique Selling Proposition of Drip is ‘Automation’. Communication with your subscribers like never before is possible with automation unlink how it was in marketing tools for legacy email marketing software providers.

In Drip, every potential scenario can be designed to make complex workflows. Tracking is possible. e.g. In case people have pressed a link which sells a specific product but have not completed their purchase, an email can be sent to them enquiring if there was a concern in payment considering it may be a product of high-value. Triggering an email notifying an internal sales person to call inquiring the same can also be done.

You might recollect getting calls from companies of eCommerce if you may have added some items in your cart without checking-out. Now you certainly know how that was done!

Sequential follow-up

You can do applications of automation to sequential follow-up like ‘Lesson deliveries.’ You can design a flow so that users are able to move further to the subsequent lesson only upon watching the lesson watched earlier. In cases without this automation, subscribers might finish lesson 1 then miss lesson 2, due to loss of the email that you had sent to them and they may finish lesson 3 instead. However, you can prevent such instances by implementing a solid workflow.

Application of similar workflows can be made for businesses depending on certain requirements. The next advanced step in email marketing is sending modified, occasional messages specific to each behavior of the subscribers.

Certain additional features are available like allocation of sending time as per the time zone of the subscriber, time of sending during the campaigns and carrying out the “from names” split testing.

Zapier Integration

Drip Zapier Integration Feature

A further advantage of Drip is its easy integration with Zapier. Zapier can automate many tasks.  Iit will also allow integration of Drip with many other services. As an example, Zapier integration allows you to set off SMS from workflows to the subscribers. Once a subscriber enrolls to become a customer, data from the payment source can be passed on to Zapier. Subsequently, the status of the subscriber can be changed to “customer” in Drip.

Name Integrity

There are only a few tools like Drip that allows you to completely control the domain name used by you to send emails. This way your domain position and reputation remains the same for your email clients.

Split Testing

Drip Split Testing Feature

Drip allows you to use some exclusive features related to split testing that is unavailable with marketing tools for emails. You can do the split text by sending emails at different timings as well as from different names within campaigns. Split testing is allowed in tools such as Aweber in email broadcasts but not for campaigns related to follow-up.

100 Subscribers to get a free trial: Sign up at for free by clicking here. This trial is an excellent medium for experimenting and understanding the Drip tool.

Multi Channel Marketing

Drip Multichannel Feature

Email and on-site engagement are two of the most significant phases for eCommerce brands, but you need to incorporate other platforms into your sales/marketing campaign.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are crucial for retail brands because they make the buyer’s journey easier. Through these social media platforms, consumers can buy directly from your brand without having to switch apps.

Although Drip provides social media integration and some Facebook ads features, this is not one of the strong suits of the software.

However, Drip’s website and landing page customization tools will help you create more relevant messages catered to your user’s needs.

Lastly, you also have the functionality of sending text messages and the option to deliver postcards via actual mail to your contacts.

Tracking and Reporting

Drip Tracking & Reporting Feature

You need accurate evidence to show your CRM has a beneficial effect on your marketing campaigns and profit margins.

You have personalized conversion tracking, comprehensive email reports, overviews of customer journeys, lead ratings, customizable dashboards and much more. Additionally, all of the above is  integrated into the app so there’s no need to set them up yourself.


Drip Integrations Feature

Another reason to love Drip is its wide range of integrations, 90 to be exact, that allow you to link your eCommerce store and social accounts to gather data and tracking for your customers. Drip has integrations for:

  • Analytics
  • Customer Support
  • Direct Mail
  • eCommerce
  • Email Verification
  • Event management
  • Forms and surveys
  • Lead capture
  • Marketing automation
  • Membership
  • Payment processing
  • Scheduling
  • SMS
  • Social integration
  • Video
  • Webinar

There’s even a bot that asks if you have a particular integration that you are searching for on their site. This means Drip is willing to add more if you need it.

Drip Pros Header Photo

Drip Pros

  • Automated campaigns
  • Complex workflow support
  • Easy to use
  • Interactive
  • Behavior based marketing automation
  • Use of tags instead of lists
  • No duplicate charge per subscriber
  • Customized messaging
  • Sequential follow-up
  • Easy integration with Zapier
  • Domain name email sending

Drip Cons Header Photo

Drip Cons

  • A little bit pricey
  • Limited form builder
  • CRO features are lacking


Drip is a highly competent CRM and eCommerce email marketing software that deserves its 4 star rating. You would definitely benefit from the advanced automation features that Drip offers, especially if your company has reached the point where you have thousands of subscribers and regular visits to your site. Moreover, Drip’s features can boost conversion rates, help you understand your clients, and send more targeted emails.

Have you used Drip for your email marketing campaigns? Tell us your experience and thoughts in the comments section below.

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