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Creating Content For Your Audience: 3 Tips

By Just Digital Team
3 Tips for Creating Content Your Audience Actually Wants to See

One of the top questions we get from our clients is: how do you guarantee you’re creating content for your audience?

If you are a content creator, you know that some of your work just won’t get as much attention as others. In the digital world, there are a lot of factors to a piece of content’s success – algorithms on social media platforms, changing trends, even the day of the week. Some pieces of content will strike a chord with your audience at the right time, and others simply won’t. The hard truth is that some of your work may not be up to par with what is expected.

However, you can think of it this way: if you produce consistent content, then you’ll get consistent recognition. The best way to get continued marketing success is if you create and follow standards that you will uphold for all of your content. To help you set those standards, we’ve compiled a list of internet content best practices.

Here are this year’s best content marketing tips for eyeball-worthy content.

Creating content for your audience:

Tip 1. People like things of value

In a world full of memes and Instagram stories, it’s become very rare to find something with a little bit more depth online. It’s hard to see something of worth nowadays. People just don’t put in that much effort anymore.

That’s where you change it up. It’s become a fact that the longer the content is, the more shares it gets, with 3,000-10,000 word pieces getting the most shares on average. This means that if you want to stand out, you need to put time, effort, and something of value in all of the content you produce. Creating content for your audience means making something that resonates with people, something they won’t easily forget. 

“Don’t be like everyone else” but how do you come up with original ideas when everything seems to have already been done? The trick is to use a different perspective. Use angles that are fresh and haven’t been explored by others. This will snag the viewer’s interest.

Shane Dawson: Content Creator

An example of this is famous YouTuber Shane Dawson. This influencer started out his YouTube career around 2008. You could say he’s a pioneer when it comes to YouTube influencers. 

He has been consistently uploading videos for over 10 years, but there was a time when he began losing subscribers instead of gaining. Sure he was consistent, but he kept on publishing the same kind of content and people were getting bored. 

Things took a turn for the better when he began uploading mini documentaries. He would use famous and scandalous YouTubers as his subjects and expound on their lives. People began to take notice and once again eat up his content.

Shane Dawson Youtuber

Compare both videos above. One was uploaded 7 months ago, and the other was 2 years ago. Notice the huge gap between the views. When Shane Dawson stopped uploading videos no one really cared about and began to delve into deeper topics, he gained back both old and new subscribers. 

Another way to add value to your content is by using facts and relevant data. It can help your SEO, especially if you use credible resources. 

Creating content for your audience:

2. Make it relatable

People love reading, watching, or listening to things they can relate to. Relatability enhances your audience’s experience. Not only does it get people to notice your content, but it can also help your business grow. 

Use this to your advantage by marketing your services or products in relation to real-life situations. When creating content for your audience, try storytelling to show how your product or services can make their lives easier and better. Show how they can incorporate your product/service in their day-to-day lives. 

Another trick is to listen to what your consumers want and need. Engage with them and validate their opinions. Know your customers. The more you learn about what they want, the sooner you’ll be able to create relatable content. 

There are a few ways to do this. You can try using visual content to see what your audience prefers. You can also talk to them through comments or by answering their messages. Find someone in your industry who is doing this well online and observe how they get engagement.

pro filt'r makeup ad

An example that comes to mind is Fenty Beauty. This makeup brand is owned by singer Rihanna. It made headlines and a lot of buzz online for its amazing 50 shade range foundation. She created a product to solve what a lot of women were complaining about the lack of foundation shades for varying skin tones. 

It received an insane about of attention and translated into a slew of sales.  There were a lot of people reviewing the items on social media, which in turn made for free marketing.

Creating content for your audience:

3. Create connections

Closely related to tip number two is making connections with your audience or your consumers. This is necessary for establishing the type of relationship between producer and consumer where the consumer is actively engaged and enjoys hearing from the content producer.  So what are the best ways to connect with your readers?

You have to take a stand on certain topics. Give your take on controversial topics to start a discussion. Write a call-to-action to give your audience a chance to respond. They might even share your take on the topic with others. 

Trends come and go but always remember to ride them. Jumping on these trends can help you gain more consumers. Look at what’s trending on social media and produce something from it. This doesn’t just apply to content your products and services can also benefit from it. 

Look at how Johnny Walker rode on the Game of Thrones trend. Their new White Walker got a lot of attention on the internet due to the fans of the show. Now that the last season has aired, it’s received even more fame.

game of thrones johnny walker ad

To conclude…

At the end of the day, you’ll have to create the perfect recipe for your specific audience. No two groups are exactly the same, so mix it up, see what works, and have fun with it. With these tips and some trial and error, creating content for your audience should be easier – and you’re bound to get the attention you deserve.

If you’d like to discuss creating content for your audience, or any other digital marketing questions, please feel free to reach out!

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