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The fashion and apparel categories are packed with brands fighting for the attention of consumers. And while a brand with a solid social media following can seem like a good base to work with, it doesn’t necessarily correlate to sales.

Our client, an apparel brand from Los Angeles focused on niche pop-culture products, had an engaged following on social media. This included an impressive 32k followers on Instagram. However, they were having difficulty converting their followers into customers.

Sales were unpredictable and dependent on influencers that weren’t formally affiliated with the brand. Our client had overstocked inventory they needed to move, but aside from organic posting on social media, they had no other digital strategy in place.

Our team stepped in and helped them establish an email marketing strategy for their ecommerce. We also launched a 3-month campaign on Facebook Ads to help them increase their sales.

How We Achieved Success

Because our client was only doing organic social media, we knew that setting up paid ad campaigns and email marketing would have the biggest impact on their sales.

  1. Increasing sales through email marketing

    Email marketing is a swimming pool of untapped revenue our client was missing out on. It’s one of the most impactful marketing activities any ecommerce company can undertake.

    Our team knew that our client was getting website visits and that people were filling their shopping carts, but just like in most other ecommerce sites, they were not completing the purchase. So to help our client move their customers down the funnel, we implemented a cart abandonment email series to remind potential buyers that they had filled their digital shopping cart, but hadn’t completed the purchase.

  2. Reaching more customers through paid ads

    Since our client had not used any paid ad platforms in the past, we decided to level up their marketing game and set up their Facebook and Instagram ad accounts. We also structured their campaigns by prospecting, lookalike audiences and remarketing.

    Through this, we were able to reach our goals and target new audiences that were similar to the ones that were already purchasing their products — and we were able to turn previous customers into repeat customers.

A Word From our team

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Emily Olsen

Project Management Supervisor

Our Results

We’re not so big on bragging, but this time we’re making an exception. During our 3-month campaign, our client got 427 new orders that allowed them to move their unsold inventory.

The overall campaign Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) was 4.73x and the remarketing campaign had the best results, achieving a 5.05 ROAS and a CPA of $9.75.

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