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How HealthIQ increased its SaaS product’s CTR by 114%


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We’re always up for a challenge.

So when HealthIQ came to us for solutions, we gave them results.

HealthIQ is one of the few Medicare brokers in the USA that uses AI-enhanced technology to find insurance solutions for its customers. When they launched their SaaS solution aimed at an elderly population, they weren’t sure how to deliver the right message to an audience that’s… not the most internet savvy.

They had run campaigns for other services in the past, reaching a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 0.99% for their best ads, and their research showed that their Cost Per Lead (CPL) should be approximately $50. They knew they needed an expert partner that could help them launch their SaaS product in the right channels if they wanted to make a success.

Just Digital’s team focused on growth hacking and A/B testing to decrease CPL. and delivered a successful campaign that turned leads into conversions.

How We Achieved Success

Successful ad campaigns are all about combining the right elements. Our team of paid ads experts knew that choosing the right ads platform and conducting split-testing would help us reach the right audience while maintaining a low CPL for our client.

  1. The right message in the right place

    Facebook is one of the best channels to reach an older demographic, so we were set on using this space to run our client’s campaign.

    It was also important to come up with the right message and the right visuals to attract our client’s target audience. Our talented team of copywriters and designers crafted different messaging options and graphic styles that led the campaign to success.

  2. Optimizing campaigns to decrease CPL

    We knew testing was going to be key in this campaign, especially with our client wanting to cut costs down by reaching a CPL of $50 or less. Instead of relying on one or two tests at a time, hoping for the best results, we implemented continuous and intentional testing throughout every phase of the campaign.

    Our test included ad placements, as well as split-testing 19 messaging angles to find the best performing ones. Additionally, we cross-referenced our client’s customer data to find the regions and states where they were already selling their products and ran ads in these locations. We even conducted split-testing on the landing page to ensure the maximum number of conversions.

We created tasteful ad designs that are easy-to-read and calm to the eyes.

We chose Facebook to run the campaign because it has been considered as one of the best channels for reaching an older demographic.

Our Results

We know we make running Facebook Ad campaigns look easy, but it actually takes a lot of strategic thought and constant analysis to drive results that earn you more money than it costs.

From the get-go, our proactive testing and optimization helped us reach a CPL of $27.50. Additionally, our constant optimization on both the ad copy and ad placement generated a 114% increase in the CTR compared to previous campaigns. We don’t want to brag (okay, maybe just a little) but the launch campaign was a success!

While our client had achieved a 0.99% CTR with their best ads, we helped them increase their average CTR to 2.12% in three months. We’re proud to say we exceeded our client’s expectations.

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