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Brand Ambassador Marketing: The Key To Growing Your Business

By Just Digital Team
Brand Ambassador Marketing

Brand ambassador marketing can be a very powerful way to get the word out about your business. Brand ambassadors serve as the image of your business and keep your brand in the public eye. They also help build relationships with the brand’s customers. In fact, several brand ambassadors begin as fans of the company and its products.

Brand ambassadors must have a thorough understanding of the company, its values, and products/services in order to promote the brand effectively. They should be fully familiar with the brand’s voice and personality.

They should communicate a clear message that is in line with the organization’s mission and vision.

To help you create an effective brand ambassador marketing strategy, we’ve created this quick guide that will give you the information you need. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and don’t forget to take notes!

What Are Brand Ambassadors? & What Do They Look Like?

Brand ambassadors

The term “brand ambassador” ultimately references someone who you choose to reflect your brand, as well as any products, services, or activities affiliated with it. Influencers may be among them, but the employees or clients are also great people to consider to represent your brand.

A brand ambassador typically promotes your brand on their social media sites, personal websites, and in everyday life because they truly like your products or services.

Skintings Brand ambassador

Hiring a brand ambassador increases brand awareness and recognition, and provides a personal aspect of your company that encourages client engagement. Customers, company employees, and celebrities can be included in your brand ambassador campaign, depending on your budget.

You might be able to get away with giving smaller brand ambassadors some freebies to keep them on your side, but you’re going to need to spend big bucks to get the attention of celebrities. With that in mind, start small and work your way up!

A brand ambassador can be:

Loyal fans– are those who have already shown a commitment to the brand. Customers or employers often fall into this catagory. Even those with a smaller social media following can be effective brand ambassadors. They are frequently willing to volunteer as brand ambassadors at no charge, but they do enjoy free merchandise.

Influencers–  have large social media followings and are leading online marketers. They don’t make huge brand purchases, but will typically endorse the brand’s product or services for a fee.

Why Do You Need Brand Ambassador Marketing?

Why do you need brand ambassador marketing

Ambassador marketing is a fantastic way to connect with customers who already care about your brand. It also allows you to have a real connection with your followers.

People are becoming more cynical of traditional marketing, making it a less effective way to target an audience with your message.

This is where brand ambassadors step in.

Their endorsements are seen as credible because they are already fans of the brands they support. Since they’re sharing genuine stories, what they say about the brand will resonate more with future customers.

Furthermore, their recommendations are more likely to be trusted because they have built relationships with their audience including peers, family, and social media followers.

Last but not least, brand ambassadors are here to stay. They’re loyal consumers who care for the companies they represent and want to see them succeed. The majority of them could still be promoting a brand’s goods or services without being asked.

Many advertisers want to engage in long-term relationships with brand ambassadors because of their dedication, and this is a successful approach.

Here are a few explanations for this:
  • As brand ambassadors regularly post about your business, their peers, families, and followers will believe the endorsement is genuine.
  • They’ll have plenty of videos and testimonials to use in advertisements, on social media, and on their website.
  • Their brand will be surrounded by a relentless flood of action and interaction.
  • They will keep your company top-of-mind by sending out branded messages to the same crowd on a regular basis.
  • They’ll save you time and money on arranging one-off campaigns.

There are many opportunities to collaborate with brand ambassadors but you must be selective. Since they’re an extension of the brand, you need to make sure they’re doing a good job of portraying your business; your company’s credibility is on the line.

You should do some research beforehand when selecting a brand ambassador. To avoid any mishaps, make sure that the person you select as a brand ambassador has clear guidelines and obligations regarding your partnership.

Where Can You Find Brand Ambassadors?

Where can you find brand ambassadors

Many businesses discover that their biggest brand ambassadors are their clients. Additionally, companies often find that they have a high-quality network of employees who are also able to become brand ambassadors.

Customers and staff have the advantage of both knowing and liking a company’s goods.

Present clients who already recommend your brand are the best prospects; this includes customers who share about your brand on social media. Other potential brand ambassadors are customers on your mailing list, and people who like your content on social media.

Some businesses choose to establish a brand ambassador program through an application process. This is always an option, however, there are some drawbacks to this approach.

Colourpop affiliate marketing

For instance, creating an application process and sifting through applications takes time.

Ambassador services have to potential to attract people who are more interested in expanding their own social following or obtaining free goodies than developing a partnership with your business.

An invite-only ambassador program, on the other hand, means that you only partner with those who are truly committed to your business and truly appreciate what your brand stands for.

You should also look at social media influencers that have a sizeable following of people who are similar to your target market. They might not yet be clients, but they may be able to advertise your goods in exchange for a commission.

Function of beauty brand ambassador

Top Brand Ambassador Skills and Characteristics

Top brand ambassador marketing skills and characteristics

Now that you know where and how to find your brand ambassadors, it’s time for you to know the key characteristics that you should look for.

Highly Professional

Despite the fact that ambassadors are not employees of your company, they’ll be advertising your brand, inspiring others to try out your services and products, and influencing how others see your company. Your brand ambassadors should be held to the same standards and expectations as any other employee.

Well Established Online Presence

For word-of-mouth marketing to be effective, you need ambassadors to meet as many people as possible across a range of networks and forums. To represent your brand, an ambassador does not need to have 20,000 Twitter followers or tens of thousands of email contacts. They should, however, have a well-established online presence and a large, active audience that they can reach through their social media platforms, forum, newsletters, or webinars, for example.

Knowledge of & Appreciation For Marketing

Ambassadors and representatives should have a basic grasp of the fundamentals of marketing. The best ambassadors understand the value of credibility in modern marketing, and generating high quality referrals through the use of digital marketing and social media.

Takes Initiative & Has Natural Leadership Skills

Consider the people you depend on for recommendations. Sure, they’re knowledgeable, but you’re more likely to seek out their advice because they’re confident, exude positivity, and posses qualities that entice you to listen. These are the kinds of individuals you want to represent your company in public.

Passionate About Building & Nurturing Relationships

Ambassadors aren’t looking to make a bunch of one-time sales. They’re there to help form solid, lasting bonds between your brand and your customers. Not only should the ambassadors be enthusiastic about your brand, but they should also be adept at forging strong bonds with those on your behalf.

Can Collect Feedback & Provide Creative Ideas

There is no such thing as a flawless refer-a-friend system, or a flawless product or service for that matter. Brand ambassadors should be able to collect reviews based on their own experience with the goods or services. They should also collect reviews through conversations with consumers and competitors. This data will provide valuable insight into how to develop your referral marketing campaign, and your business in general.

Different Types of Ambassador Programs

Below are the most common categories of brand ambassador programs to choose from:

Requirement-driven brand ambassador

SamsungxBTS brand ambassadors

Most advertisers think of this as an official brand ambassador program. An ambassador must fulfill particular conditions on behalf of a brand within a certain time period. For example, this could be 5 social media posts every month, 10 brand mentions on their own profile, or be featured on their Instagram stories 3 times.

Two advantages of requirement-driven brand ambassador programs are the versatility and direct control of your expenditures. Requirement-driven campaigns can be used in any industry, and the standards can be quickly updated to suit the overall marketing plan.

Affiliate brand ambassador

Affiliate marketing

The aim of the affiliate program is to generate sales. Affiliate brand ambassadors advertise products and services on their personal social media pages, and have a special affiliate connection that links the sale back to them.

In return, they are paid a fee for any sale that is completed. Tiered incentives are common; the more revenue an associate brand ambassador generates, the higher their commission percentage is.

Informal brand ambassador

Informal brand ambassador programs are essentially an open invitation to anybody who enjoys your product. There are no negotiated arrangements or conditions. There are hardly any monetary bonuses, but some brands do have exclusive incentives to their highest performing ambassadors.

Informal brand ambassador programs are excellent for spreading awareness and attracting referrals. However, it can be difficult to map and optimize where the new clients are coming from if you don’t have any guidelines or structure.

College brand ambassador

College brand ambassador

Universities and colleges are ideal locations for a brand ambassador program because they have a large variety of students who naturally interact based on shared interests. College brand ambassadors are not only influential on social media, but they can also spread the news about the company through word of mouth and guerrilla style marketing strategies.

Despite the fact that this style of brand ambassador initiative focuses on the 18-25 age group, it has a lot of advertising opportunities. Furthermore, college students are likely to advertise your brand in exchange for free merchandise.

How To Build A Brand Ambassador Marketing Program

how to build a brand ambassador marketing program

It’s easy to get started with a brand ambassador marketing strategy. First, you need to meet people who are able to help you with your marketing plan. Typically, this entails seeking out advocates who not only share the brand’s values and beliefs, but also have the expertise and media influence to help you improve your marketing strategy.

Set goals for your brand ambassador marketing program

The first step to creating an effective brand ambassador marketing program is to set concrete and realistic goals and objectives. Do this prior to reaching out to potential brand ambassadors to help establish your expectations and requirements before jumping into any agreements.

While each company’s objectives are different, knowing what you want to accomplish will help you determine whether or not your brand ambassador program is a success. Here are some examples of common objectives:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase the number of conversions
  • Reach out to new markets
  • Establish a social media presence
  • Promote customer loyalty

Keep in mind that most brand ambassadors would have personal objectives. For example, they might choose to increase their own followers, scale up their relationships, or supplement their profits. It’s best to select a brand ambassador that shares your ambitions and ideals.

Choose a brand ambassadorship program

Choose one of the four categories of ambassadorship programs mentioned above.

The four types of programs have different setup criteria, but also have different benefits. You should consider your choices and choose the one that best meets your goals, expenditure, and resources.

Create a set of standards and rules for your brand ambassador

It’s now time to figure out who your perfect brand ambassador is. Brand ambassadors can be virtually anybody – regular clients, staff, business professionals, and so on – as long as they have a love for the brand.

The majority of brand ambassadors fall into one of the following categories:

Enthusiasts: People who are genuinely passionate about your product or service make excellent brand ambassadors. They already care about your product or service and are likely already spreading the word. Enthusiasts are good at getting people excited about your products, particularly at events and during experiential marketing.

Expert: These brand ambassadors’ expertise raises the likelihood that their recommendations can be trusted. If you work in a medical, technological, or another highly specialized field, brand ambassador authorities are ideal.

Peers: These are brand ambassadors that can quickly reach out to your target market. Peers are more approachable and welcoming than any other source.

Celebrities: Celebrity brand ambassadors are well-known and recognized people who have a wide fan base and can affect trends. And a single mention by a celebrity brand ambassador will help you reach a large audience. However, be cautious when choosing this route because celebrity endorsements can also be seen as insincere.

Creating guidelines for your brand ambassador program demonstrates to potential ambassadors that you intend to develop a long-term friendship with them. You will want to define standards and rules for how your brand ambassadors can represent your brand, depending on the type of brand ambassador you select.

Locate, identify, and contact potential brand ambassadors

This step differs from a referral or affiliate program in that the right brand ambassadors are deliberately handpicked.

A great place to start is to look at where your target demographic spends their time. What platforms do they use? Who do they pay attention to? Do any of these people meet the criteria for a brand ambassador?

Finding a strong brand ambassador can be done in a variety of ways. Here are some strategies:

Social Media Search

This can be a time-consuming task, but its a good place to start if you already know of some people who have posted about your company and products.

If you don’t know anyone, you can always look for posts linked to your brand hashtag or check photos that your brand has been tagged in on social media.


Thankfully there are some fantastic tech programs that can assist you in finding the ideal brand ambassador. Instead of spending hours manually monitoring brand mentions, a basic tool can automate the process.
Brand mention apps show you who is talking about you and encourage you to browse through any brand or product mentions on specific channels. If you’ve identified any possible ambassadors, a full-featured brand ambassador app or an alternate ambassador program will assist you in contacting them and managing the entire program.

Customer information

Examining your own consumer data is another way to find brand ambassador candidates. Who are your most devoted clients? Who is your most frequent customer? Loyalty is a good indicator that someone will be an excellent brand ambassador.

Check your own customer data first, then look for company references from the existing consumers you’ve found on social media. After all, a brand ambassador should be both an active advocate and a dedicated client.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing sites have sprung up in response to the proliferation of brand ambassadors and influencers. While these sites are designed to find the best influencers, they can also be used to find the best brand ambassadors.

Platforms for influencer marketing take care of a lot of the legwork for you. They analyze metrics like follower population, interaction rates, audience presence and desires, and more, using a pre-vetted database and in-depth data. Set filters based on your preferences, and the app will show you your best matches.

Application forms

You can also market your brand ambassador program using a more conventional approach. One option is to share a public application process to invite future ambassadors to come to you. The application can be shared in targeted newsletters, post-sales messages, and other sites that your consumers access.

Ask why the consumer purchased your goods and why they enjoy your brand in the application form. Inquire if they’d be able to advertise your brand with their contacts on a regular basis. The response you get will help you assess the customer’s suitability as a brand ambassador.

The advantage of an application form is that only those who are really involved will fill it out. Add a web application to the screening process at the end to help you narrow down the field of applicants.

Reward and empower your ambassadors

With the right incentives, you will keep your employees engaged and committed to marketing your brand. Although some ambassadors are happy to promote your products for free, giving them a reward is a great way to show how much you appreciate their efforts.

It is not necessary for rewards to be costly or even monetary. Rewards such as gift vouchers, gift certificates, or freebies are also great incentives!

Find out what motivates your future brand ambassadors, and use these as a thank-you for their support. Let your ambassadors know when they’ll receive these gifts, whether it’s after each message, every month, or every fifth.

In addition to incentives, giving recognition to a brand ambassador’s accomplishments makes them feel appreciated and a part of the team.

Measure the results of your brand ambassador marketing campaign

There are a lot of things to keep track of once your brand ambassador program is up and running: all of your brand ambassadors, each time they advertise your brand, and the interaction that each promotion generates.

Don’t let all of this information slip through the cracks. It’s best to use a software analytics platform to pull all this data together until you and your ambassadors settle on what will be monitored during your brand ambassador marketing program. Here are a few main figures to keep an eye on:

  • Posting frequency
  • Engagements and impressions
  • Shares and re-posts
  • Hashtag analytics
  • Inbound traffic and brand awareness
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Reach

You’re ready to launch your campaign after you’ve set your priorities, planned your campaign, identified your brand ambassadors, and agreed on key metrics.

Final Thoughts

A successful brand ambassador marketing program is like every other marketing campaign- it requires a lot of strategic planning. You’ll need to find out who you want your brand ambassador to be and how you’ll use their loyalty to help you achieve your goals.

There are a variety of opportunities to use ambassador marketing in your marketing plan. Brand ambassadors are sincere in their endorsements of your goods and services because they believe in your brand.

They’ll spread the news about your company to their peers, families, and networks. They’ll also assist you in developing trustworthy relationships with your target market.

Key components of a good brand ambassador program include selecting the best program for your brand, having an appropriate plan in place, and empowering the brand ambassadors you choose to represent you. There are many rewards of ambassador marketing if you can do this well.

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