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Top 25 Law Firm And Lawyer Websites

By Just Digital Team

A great website is a powerful tool that can help you improve your law firm’s online presence. It can change a potential client’s perception of your firm, ultimately determining whether they hire you or the firm down the street. A well-designed website can also increase your client list and help establish your authority and expertise in your field. In this article, our web design team at Just Digital curated a list of the best law firm websites out there. Take a peak at the competition, or get inspired for your law firm website redesign!

Your website should be reflective of your goals and values. It’s the key to building your credibility online. It needs to establish, communicate, and translate your expertise and message adequately. If you are struggling with your website strategy and design, jump ahead to the next section, where we’ll talk about the different components that make a law firm website exceptional. You can also get in touch with our team, and we’ll help you design a website that’s sure to catch the eye of potential clients!

Key Components of the Best Law Firm Websites

There are three key components that the best law firm websites always get right: branding, performance, and user experience.

BRANDING: Let your individuality shine through by consistently applying your brand colors, fonts, and chosen graphics (and of course, your logo!). Don’t hesitate to get professional help from a brand designer if you don’t already have a logo and brand guidelines to follow. Your brand is that intangible part of your company identity that makes your audience and clients feel a certain way about you – you want to get this right to make an excellent lasting impression!

PERFORMANCE: Your website’s performance can be boiled down to two main factors: speed and mobile responsiveness. Make sure your website loads quickly so that users don’t leave out of frustration (HINT: you can check your site speed on this site). Just as important is its responsiveness on mobile – your website should look and work just as great on someone’s phone as their laptop.

USER EXPERIENCE: Finally, your website needs to be organized, easy to navigate, and uncluttered. If it’s professionally designed and attractive, that will definitely improve user experience as well, but at the very least, keep things clean and simple.

Now that we’ve established the basics of a great law firm website, it’s time to look at some inspiration and ideas.

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Here Are Our Best 25 Law Firm Websites:

1. Stanchieri Family Law


Stanchieri Family Law best law firm websites

Stanchieri Family Law Core Values

Sometimes, less is truly more. Stanchieri Family Law went for the minimalist route for their website design. Their color palette is mainly blacks and grays with a few pops of the color red. They also make use of white space, making for a very sleek and clean design. Aside from that, their use of high-quality photos makes the entire website more credible.

The website heavily focuses on their team, with each lawyer having their own page to highlight their credentials and experiences. This gives website visitors an easier user-experience. Clients can easily browse through the firms lawyers and get to know them before hiring the firm.

2. Jaszczuk P.C. Attorneys


Jaszczuk P.C. Attorneys best law firm websites

Jaszczuk P.C. Attorneys by the numbers

Jaszczuk P.C. Attorneys graphics

Now, for a website that’s the complete opposite, here’s Jaszczuk P.C. Attorneys website. A far cry from Stanchieri Family Law’s sleek approach, Jaszczuk P.C. Attorneys goes for a colorful and playful route.

It’s not your typical law firm website, which makes it even more interesting. Their unique approach to website design works to their advantage, as it completely sets them apart.

Upon first seeing the website, you immediately get a feel for the law firm’s personality. The loud and contrasting colors calls for attention in the best way possible. They were able to let their personality shine through, while still presenting valuable information for potential clients browsing their site.

The unconventional fonts, bold colors, and engaging website features, all contribute to making Jaszczuk P.C. Attorneys  one of the best law firm websites.

3. DLA Piper


DLA Piper grabs your attention from the start, with its big, bold headlines and dynamic graphics.

Unlike a lot of lawyer websites, this site incorporates motion graphics as you scroll through the homepage, keeping users interested (but not too distracted) as they move through the content.

We also love the structure of their navigation – even though it’s a large site with lots of information, everything you need to know is categorized under a few headings, making it easy to figure out where to go next.

4. Mission Counsel KC


Mission Counsel KC

Another best law firm website comes from Mission Counsel KC. This website is simple yet effective. The clean design, subtle color palette, and clever use of diagonal lines throughout the website to complement their logo all work together to show unity and direction. This simple and refined design is enough to make this law firm appear trustworthy and professional.

5. Mile Wright & co


Mile Wright & co

Mile Wright & co best law firm websites

Mile Wright & Co’s. website is distinctive and unique. Instead of your typical scroll down kind of website, this one goes for a horizontal scrolling approach. Along with the subtle animations, smooth section transitions, sleek typography, as well as the black and white photos and color scheme, everything works together give their law firm a strong sense of branding.

6. Emergence



Though Emergence isn’t a law firm website, it’s okay to get inspiration from websites from other industries, especially if it’s this good.

Unique and compelling are two words that best fit this company’s website design. The use of artistic portraits is a quirky and fun way to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Being in the law industry doesn’t mean you’re contracted or bound to use neutral or muted colors, you can go for something as loud as this and still remain tasteful and professional.

7. TSMP Law Corporation


TSMP Law Corporation

TSMP Law Corporation

TSMP Law Corporation

What sets this law firm’s website apart is their clever use of different witty and chuckle worthy quotes. Another feature to note is the unexpected and engaging manner in which these quotes appear. This clean, minimalist, chic design is complemented by a beautiful green toned color scheme and professional serif fonts.

8. Litiguard




Litiguard Attorneys is another law firm with a great website. The use of black and white photos, partnered with vibrant text boxes to highlight content is both minimalistic and creative. The colorful text boxes immediately draws users’ attention. It’s also extremely engaging because of how the photos and graphics seem to move when you scroll down.

9. Chelin Law Firm



Chelin Law Firm

Chelin Law Firm

Chelin Law Firm’s use of high-quality photos mixed with cute little graphics is extremely pleasing to the eye. The professionally photographed photos, the full screen header, as well as the solid layout and typography, makes for a professional and authoritative website.

10. Wards Legal


lawyer website

Wards Lawyers PC’S website is out of the box in the best way. Their unique design engages users and is easy to navigate. Not only that, there is a more personalized feeling knowing what the employees of this law firm are doing. The rich visuals on this website doesn’t distract from important information like the services they offer.

11. Fritz Law


Fritz Law

Fritz best law firm websites

Fritz Law best law firm websites

What we love about Fritz Law LLC’s website is their use of automated chat. This is extremely helpful for users who have questions and need immediate answers. Aside from that, their above the fold content is extremely memorable, thus making it more effective.

We’re about Halfway Through the Best Law Firm Websites

The eleven law firm websites we showed you all differ in design exponentially. We love how the above websites include  various examples of the key components we mentioned. It’s important that your law firm website is unique to your law firm. Read on for even more wonderful examples of the best law firm websites!

12. Turks Legal


Turks Legal best law firm websites

Simplicity is a proven attribute that contributes to having one of the best law firm websites. We admire Turks Legal’s simplistic design. The beautiful black and white photos make for great above the fold content. The header is easy to navigate with all of the links you need to take you to separate pages containing more detailed information.

13. Quinn Emanuel


Quinn Emanuel


Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers is another law firm that makes good use of beautiful photography for their header. All of the colors work together to highlight the white text. Their use of gradients make for a stunning display. The homepage is great for easy user navigation because you can easily find a lawyer from their company in your area.

14. Heaton Fontano


Heaton Fontano

Heaton Fontano’s website is usually what comes to mind when you think of typical lawyer websites, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Most of the time, it’s the best formula for success. The first thing you see when you open their website is their photos. All of them scream professional, trustworthy, and authoritative. Their use of a blue color palette promotes a calm mood.

15. YLaw Group


YLaw Group best law firm websites

YLaw Group

Content is a key contributor to having one of the best law firm websites. This law firm website is content and photo driven. They cleverly used headers with witty photos that are memorable and fun. Another thing you can learn from this website is how they included a list of their achievements, awards, and results. By doing this, they established expertise and authority. They also added in a few calls-to-action spread throughout their website to encourage website visitors to call them.

16. Gecic Law


Gecic Law best law firm websites

Gecic Law

Gecic Law best law firm websites

Everything on this website looks sophisticated and luxurious. From the high quality photos, to the black, white and red color scheme, everything looks clean and professional – and that’s usually what you want to see for a law firm’s website.

Best Law Firm Websites to Take Inspiration From

The past 15 law firm websites we’ve shown you so far differ from many designs, layouts, and formats. Some are typical and effective, while others are unique and creative. It goes to show that you shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box or stay inside of it in order to create one of the best law firm websites. It’s all about how you execute your website designs.

Here are a few more best law firm web designs you can take inspiration from.

17. Infense



Infense best law firm websites


18. Shumway Van


Shumway Van best law firm websites

Shumway Van best law firm websites


19. LA Lawyers


20. Tremain Artaza PLLC


Tremain Artaza PLLC best law firm websites

Tremain Artaza PLLC

Tremain Artaza PLLC

21. Horea Crisan Lawyer


Horea Crisan Lawyer

Horea Crisan Lawyer

22. Small Law


Small Law best law firm websites Small Law

23. Cheshire Law Group


Cheshire Law Group

Cheshire Law Group

Cheshire Law Group

24. Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout


Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout best law firm websites

Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand & Prout best law firm websites

25. Ideal Legal


Ideal Legal best law firm websites

Ideal Legal best law firm websites

Which of these Best Law Firm Websites Was Your Favorite?

Out of all of the best law firm website examples we’ve given, which one is your favorite? What are some of the elements you’re planning to work into your website design? Comment below and tell us all about it!

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