APX Platform – The Missing Link To Profitability For Aesthetic Practices

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APX Platform- The Missing Link To Profitability For Aesthetic Practices
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“Give it time. Be patient. Things will get better,” are words you’ve probably repeated to yourself while running your med spa business. But as time goes by, you start to wonder why you’re not gaining as much profit and traction as you initially thought.

When you first opened your med spa, were you aware of the business elements needed to run a successful business? Were you immediately maximizing your revenue, getting clients through the door, or training your staff to sell and build your services?

Probably not. Here’s the thing – we’ve been in the marketing industry for decades and have encountered countless med spa owners who struggled with growing their practice. The exception to the rule is the med spa that hits the ground running and is fully profitable.

You didn’t go to med school or cosmetology school to earn a degree in business; it’s a new field for you! It’s frustrating to see what you’ve worked so hard for go down the drain because you don’t have the business acumen to sustain or grow your med spa.

Thankfully, there are platforms like APX to provide the missing link to profitability for aesthetic practices all over the world.

The APX Platform is a cloud-based business intelligence, training, educational, and data analytics solution for aesthetic practices.

This article covers the three pillars of APX, how the platform has helped grow hundreds of aesthetic practices, and why thousands of users are on the platform.

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What is APX Platform?

The aesthetic industry, which is already highly lucrative, is only expected to keep growing, making for an even more competitive market. A market analysis report states the global aesthetic market will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.5% from 2022 to 2030.

With competition becoming more fierce, practice owners must develop strategies for increasing employee efficiency and incorporating data-driven growth choices into their business plans.

If you’re one of the many unable to keep up with ever-growing competition and market demands, you will have to face unforeseen consequences.

You deserve to be able to fulfill your dreams and build a med spa practice as lucrative as the big companies — and APX is the platform that can help get you there.

The APX platform, short for “Aesthetic Practice Accelerator,” fills the gap of missing business acumen related to understanding marketing and finances.

Essentially, the APX platform is an all-encompassing business intelligence training and growth platform created to meet the needs of aesthetic practices. The platform is a modern solution that provides practical business training alongside easy-to-use financial calculators. These tools translate raw data into actionable insights, giving practices the power needed for sustainable growth and success—all in one place.

The future success of aesthetics practices depends on having sales and financial training, comprehending financial benchmarks, assessing data, and knowing what to do with that knowledge. The APX platform provides all of those to help aesthetic practitioners keep up with the ever-expanding market.

Who created APX?

Terri Ross, a renowned industry consultant, established APX Platform in 2021 so that aesthetic practice owners could finally have an all-in-one, on-demand solution. Terri created APX to provide proven personnel training, analytical calculators and KPI reports, and ongoing business mentorship vital to succeeding in the post-COVID climate.

She and her team of experts know how hard it has been for practice owners to grow their aesthetic businesses. They know how difficult it is to learn everything as you go, from training your staff to managing your operations to even marketing your practice (but we can help with that).

APX provides the missing components of a successful business for aesthetic practices. It’s an all-in-one platform that includes built-in analytic software and the coaching, training, and community aspects needed in the industry.

APX Platform is the result of more than 30+ collective years of experience by their team of expert consultants in the aesthetic industry. Their team members have helped lead successful global corporations, managing medical spas in Beverly Hills and other locations and speaking to international audiences.

Why use the APX platform? Do you need it?

If you’re an aesthetic practitioner looking to grow your business, then it’s a no-brainer – you would benefit greatly from the tools provided by the platform.

You’ll finally have the chance to learn more about your practice, what you’re doing right, and the blockages keeping you from reaching your goal through personalized data. Furthermore, you’ll be able to learn the tricks of the trade from industry experts who used to be like you and were able to grow their practice successfully.

You can say goodbye to all those sleepless nights, stressful business meetings, and feeling left behind by the competition. The APX Platform will help elevate your business to the next level.

Along with the data analytics cloud-based business software, you’ll also get access to the following:

  • Training and educational content that will affect how you handle your practice.
  • An exclusive member-only community where you can meet like-minded practitioners willing to share and discuss tactics that worked for their practice.
  • Weekly group coaching calls with industry experts.
  • Access to quarterly 1-on-1 private calls with Terri Ross herself.

Admittedly, only some are competent with using new software, and cloud-based intelligent software can seem daunting for most aesthetic practitioners. Thankfully the team at APX will demonstrate how to use their platform to help you make the most out of the platform.

APX recently got an update that includes a new business information dashboard, offering a single reliable data source. The newly updated business intelligence dashboard gathers data collecting, standardizes data, and visually shows the data to provide a bird’s eye perspective of the whole practice’s business performance. Multiple users’ data can be gathered and presented on a dashboard segmented into revenue, COGS, usage, patient conversions, retail, and other categories.

“We are very excited to provide our users with one true source of data presented visually so that practice owners, managers, and individual users can identify and analyze their data and data trends, share data between different providers with individual dashboards, and be able to review their performance in a much easier way than Excel spreadsheets, practice management/EMR software, or other previously available methods,” said Izhak Musli, Co-CEO of APX Platform.

Your team will receive training tailored to each individual’s unique function within the practice. Completing a course gets you marks you or your employees as ‘certified.’ The certification system proves that workers understood the information rather than simply finishing it.

Spanish and Portuguese versions of the sales and finance training course are available. Future editions will support more languages.

Also, APX just launched a new and improved user interface (UI) that is more intuitive and user-friendly, with restructured menus and streamlined solution-based components.

Thousands of aesthetic professionals have already signed up for the APX Platform, including some of the most recognizable leaders in the industry. If you don’t want to get left behind, you might want to follow their lead and start investing in your business.

Three key pillars of the APX platform

The APX Platform can provide several benefits for aesthetic practices. Not only will it include training and coaching videos and help to increase profitability and sales conversions, but users will also have access to a welcoming community of practitioners.

These are the three key pillars of the APX platform.


There is no MBA school for aesthetic practices. Very few resources teach you how to sell your services, what you can do to expand your practice, or even how to manage and train your employees.

However, APX will provide on-demand courses, industry training sessions, and more to help your aesthetic practice thrive. 2-hour group coaching calls from the APX team each week will also help guide your business growth journey.

Business intelligence platform

With the current status of the global economy, business analytics is an essential instrument that aesthetic practices should use to make decisions and create business plans to optimize budgets. Organizations across all industries produce enormous volumes of data, which has increased the demand for specialists who are data literate and know how to evaluate and analyze that information.

Research by MicroStrategy found that the main uses for data in business are to:

  • Boost productivity and efficiency (64 percent),
  • improve decision-making efficiency (56 percent), and
  • promote improved financial performance (51 percent).

Sadly, not all industries are aware of the importance of numbers. The aesthetic practice industry is not an exception, unfortunately. Not all practices can afford a marketing team with an analytics specialist.

However, thanks to technological improvements, businesses can optimize their analytics using different software like the APX platform.

A vital feature of the APX platform is the financial and business intelligence dashboard. The dashboard has all the data you need to help improve your business strategy.

Here’s how it works:

  • APX Platform translates raw data from your PM/EMR software into actionable insights so you can see your data.
  • Identify measurable KPIs your aesthetic business should regularly monitor so you know what to do with your data.
  • Find proven on-demand educational courses to help you train your staff on sales, finance, & operations. You will reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.

Learn the procedures that yield you the highest gross profit, and eliminate inefficient services by understanding your revenue per hour, how to increase it, and to improve operational efficiency.

Only the APX Platform showcases your revenue per hour, as well as per treatment, so you can know in seconds what matters most to your practice’s revenue to ensure you hit your goals every week, every month, and every year.


The last key pillar in APX is the community aspect, something that has never existed in the aesthetic industry in this way.

Members get professional coaching and mentoring from the industry’s top practice consultants and have access to our community classes.

Live group mentoring and coaching ensures you never stop learning with the weekly APX Community group coaching sessions, where you can get live advice and answers to the specific questions and challenges that you are facing.

The APX Platform offers private 1-on-1 consultation calls to APX Platform users. The APX Platform “Ultimate” subscription package includes four personal 1-on-1 consultation calls at no additional cost.

Finally, their exclusive Facebook community has like-minded practitioners who share and discuss effective tactics. You will be held accountable to personal goals for your aesthetic practice by peers who have been there before.

Our thoughts

So, what’s the final verdict? We love it! If you’re an aesthetic practitioner looking to grow your business, we think you will too! It’s absolutely worthwhile. If you’re willing to put the knowledge gained through using the APX Platform, you will reap the rewards.

APX will be an excellent investment for your practice, pushing you ahead of your competitors. With the APX Platform, you can be part of the few aesthetic practices that climb and stay on the top.

You can schedule a call with the APX team here and start growing your practice today!

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