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The 3 Key Elements of High-Converting Landing Pages

By Just Digital Team
Conversion Pages and The 3 Keys To High Conversions

How easy is it for people to purchase your product or service? Do you have effective, high-converting landing pages that turn visitors into leads or clients?

Following the Pareto Principle, you should get approximately 80% of your leads from only 20% of your web pages. However, some companies don’t manage to drive conversions because their landing pages are not optimized. This is why we are going to guide you through the elements you need to make your conversion pages work for you. But first…

What is a Conversion Page?

A conversion page, or landing page, is a stand-alone web page where visitors arrive, usually after clicking on a CTA. These landing pages can take many shapes and even names, ranging from opt-in pages, sales pages, registration pages, and squeeze pages. The important part is they should be driving the majority of your conversions, turning a visitor into a lead, or a lead into a client. This idea seems simple enough, or maybe a bit broad: shouldn’t all your web pages convert visitors into leads? While that may be your goal, that is typically not the case.

So What Are the 3 Elements of High Converting Landing Pages?

1. Have a Compelling and Irresistible Offer.

I cannot stress this enough. The visitors that land on your conversion page have an itch they can’t scratch, and they need to find a clear and attractive solution within the first few seconds on the page, before they even start scrolling. This area of the page is called the “above the fold,” and can make or break your page. In my book The Client Acquisition Blueprint, I share how to structure irresistible offers that convert visitors into leads, and a simple follow-up system for converting those leads into clients.

If you want your pages to convert, make sure you have an offer (product or service) that appeals to your target customer. Make sure you communicate this offer clearly above the fold, and that you include a strong call-to-action (CTA) in this same section. If you do this, you have already conquered half the battle.


2. Use Great Copy to Turn Words Into Money.

Humans are selfish by nature and always asking, “What’s in it for me?” Answer that up front in your titles, headlines, and CTAs. High-quality sales copy is a game changer and an absolute must on a conversion page. The majority of people spend hours on a website trying to figure out how to solve their situation. Or, if their issue is very complex, they need to get a clear indication that they’re on the right track early on. Good copy will help you retain the visitor on your landing page and convince them to take the action you want them to take. Every copywriter has their own personal style, but here are two copywriting formulas and angles that inspire action and get visitors to convert:

Action motivated by pain

We’re more motivated by pain and the desire to resolve that pain than we are by anything else. Copy that emphasizes the prospects’ pain will urge customers to take action immediately. When you’re structuring your message for a conversion page, here’s the basic copywriting formula:

      1. Identify the problem: call it out in the clearest terms, and tie the visitor into it, sometimes by calling them out directly. If you’re in health and wellness, you might write something like,“Are you tired of crashing at 4pm and having zero energy to spend time with your kids and family?”
      2. Highlight the problem: Remind your audience what will happen if they don’t take action. Will the pain intensify? Take them through a mental journey and help them see what will happen if they don’t resolve their issue.
      3. Offer your solution to their problem and help solve their pain: This process might feel uncomfortable at times, but it’s usually the type of copy that gets the best results. All you’re doing in this process is highlighting the pain they already have in an effort to genuinely help them. There are some other elements you can add to this formula like leveraging testimonials, juxtaposing price and other options, and a few other more advanced techniques that can make this formula foolproof.
Action motivated by dreams and aspirations

This type of messaging tends to have a more positive tone. It calls out what the reader desires and guides them through a journey of how they can achieve it. A good copywriting formula for this is known as the AIDA marketing model – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. First, you want to capture your audience’s attention. Then you generate interest for your product or service, which then stimulates desire for it. Finally, you close with in a strong call to action.

There are many ways to write persuasive and compelling copy for your website, regardless of the framework you use, using great copy will help turn your visitors into leads and clients.


3. Make Your Page Distraction-Free.

When designing your landing page, you should avoid overwhelming visitors – remember, you want them to take a specific action, so don’t include anything that might distract them from that. Don’t include additional information that doesn’t directly tie into the problem they are looking to solve. This also means removing any unnecessary navigation menus, menu links, headers, footers, or any secondary calls to action.

Include only vital information

This goes hand in hand with all the previous points of this list. Don’t distract your visitors – give them what they came for, have them take one specific action, and that’s it. Oh, and keep things short, your visitors don’t want to read long paragraphs.

Be direct with your call-to-action

Don’t sugarcoat it – there’s no need for that. There’s a very specific value you’re offering your prospects, and there’s no point in beating around the bush. Are you asking them to download something? Fill out a form? Share? Call you? Pick one call to action and make it clear, make it obvious, be direct, and repeat it more than once if your landing page is longer than just a header.


Now that you know what you need to make your landing or conversion pages better, take a look at the rest of your website and make sure you are not making one of these design mistakes.

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