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Conversion Pages and The 3 Keys To High Conversions

By Hugo Fernandez
Conversion Pages and The 3 Keys To High Conversions

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Conversion Pages – The Gateway to Profits

How easy is it for people to give you money? Do you have effective pages where you can convert a visitor into a lead and a lead into a client?

A conversion page, simply stated, is a stand alone web page that your visitors ‘land’ on, whose sole purpose is to convert that visitor into a lead or a lead into a client. This idea seems simple enough or maybe a bit broad: shouldn’t all your web pages convert visitors into leads? While that may be your goal, that’s usually not the case.

You’ll get 80{3a2c4a0805d1010346945af56d6c7f7373ea77d542a39d135c91600d098c4502} of your leads from only 20{3a2c4a0805d1010346945af56d6c7f7373ea77d542a39d135c91600d098c4502} of your web pages. These are what we call your Conversion Pages, though they’re sometimes referred to as landing pages or by their different uses (opt-in pages, sales pages, registration pages, squeeze pages, etc).

In this post, we’ll discuss the 3 elements of high converting pages, what goes on them, and where to use them in your marketing. It’s important to realize and take note of where your traffic is coming from, what the flow of that traffic is, and what pages visitors are landing on first and last so you can make sure you’re delivering the best possible marketing experience.


  1. Have a compelling and irresistible offer. This cannot be stressed enough. The visitors that land on your conversion page have an itch they can’t scratch, and they need to find a clear and attractive solution within the first few seconds on the page.In my new book The Client Acquisition BlueprintI share with you how to to structure irresistible offers that convert visitors into leads, and a simple follow up system for converting those leads into clients.
  2. Great copy will turn words into money. Humans are selfish by nature and we’re always asking, “What’s in it for me?” Answer that up front in your titles, headlines and calls to action.High quality sales copy is a game changer and an absolute must on a conversion page. Depending on the situation, people don’t really want to read for hours on how to solve their situation, but would rather get to the point fast. Or, if their issue is very complex, they need to get a clear indication that they’re on the right track early on.Good copy will help you retain the visitor on your landing page and convince them to do whatever your conversion page is asking them to do. Every copywriter has their own personal style, but here are the top copywriting formulas that convert:
    1. Motivated by pain – We’re more motivated by pain and the desire to resolve that pain than we are by anything else. Copy that emphasizes the prospects’ pain will urge customers to take action immediately. When you’re structuring your message for a conversion page, here’s the basic copywriting formula:
      1. Problem: Identify the problem, call it out in the clearest terms, and tie the visitor into it, sometimes by calling them out directly. If you’re in health and wellness, you might say something like,“Are you tired of being sick and tired? Are you tired of crashing at 4pm and having zero energy to spend time with your kids and family?”
      2. Agitate: Aggravate the problem even more. What will happen if they don’t take action? Will the pain intensify and get worse? Take them through a mental journey and help them see what will happen if they don’t resolve their issue.
      3. Solution: Offer your solution to their problem and help them solve their pain. This process might feel a bit negative or uncomfortable sometimes, but it’s usually the type of copy that gets the best results. All you’re doing in this process is highlighting the pain they already have in an effort to genuinely help them. There are some other elements you can add to this formula like leveraging testimonials, juxtapositioning price and other options, and a few other more advanced techniques that can make this formula foolproof.
    2. Motivated by dreams and aspirations – This naturally tends to have a more positive tone. It calls out what the reader desires and guides them through a journey of how they can achieve it. A good copywriting formula for this is known as the AIDA model– Attention,Interest,Desire,Action. It first seeks to draw attention (something different, exciting, bold) and spark interest, which then turns into a desire and results in a strong call to action.

    The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy and How to Write Copy That Sells by Ray Edwards are great places to start learning effective copywriting.

    Once you have your irresistible offer and great copy in place, you want to make sure you’re not unintentionally giving people the opportunity to leave your page before they take action.

  3. Distraction free. When designing your conversion page, you should avoid overwhelming visitors – don’t include additional information that doesn’t directly tie into the problem they are looking to solve. That also means removing any unnecessary navigation, menu links, headers and footers.
    1. Only vital information – It goes hand in hand with all the previous points of this list. Don’t distract your visitors – give them what they came for, have them take one specific action, and that’s it.
    2. Direct call to action – Don’t try to sugarcoat it – there’s no need for that. There’s a very specific value you’re offering your customers and there’s no point in not being direct about it. Are you asking them to download something? Fill out a form? Share? Call you? Pick one call to action and make it clear, make it obvious, be direct.

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