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10 Marketing Tips for Dermatologists

By Just Digital Team
10 Marketing Tips for Dermatologists

As dermatologists, a balance between online and offline marketing is needed to help your patient base grow. People nowadays will go online and gather research and resources before buying anything, or choosing which dermatologist to visit. The digital marketing landscape is exponentially growing and dermatologists need to keep up.

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve helped several dermatologists increase their patient base by applying some of our proven digital marketing strategies. Right now, many potential clients are browsing the web, looking for potential dermatologists they could call. We’re here to help you gain those patients. As daunting as digital marketing may sound, here are 10 online marketing tips for dermatologists that can help you convert new patients for your practice:

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  1. A concrete dermatology marketing plan

Set out your goal for your short term or long term marketing plan online, from there you can mold your plan depending on what kind of results you want. A lot more goes into this step than you think.

You have to first, decide your target market. This is an essential step because of the cutthroat competition online, knowing your audience will make your marketing strategy easier. Second, decide what message you want to come across. A clear and concise message that will attract and interest your clients can be integrated into all of your marketing activities. Third, create good content. Good content can satisfy not only your future clients, but also ways to get attention online and land that first page on Google. Fourth, is to garner links that would promote your site. A combination of good content and links that would promote your site will be an SEO’s dream. Last is analytics to measure how well your strategy is doing.

  1. Make an interesting and interactive dermatology website

An interesting website will attract clients while an interactive website will keep your clients on your site. Studies show that 81% of customers now, will go online and do research. Since that’s the case, it’s likely that your first interaction with a client or customer will be online. Now, it’s all about giving your potential clients a meaningful user experience.

  1. Good Graphics, photos, and videos

As dermatologists, you should know how important photos, videos, and graphics are in gaining clients. This is important especially for your website. Before and after photos and videos may seem cliche online, but do know that it actually works. Derek Halpern, explains that before and after photos and videos create a connection, will let you control the story, and let you emphasize the journey of how better the situation got after hiring you.

Aside from the before and after photos or videos, a mixture of graphics and videos to create an informative animated video will most likely boost business by as much as three times with the help of SEO for medical practice marketing.

  1. SEO

A reliable search engine optimization strategy or SEO, will get you that spot on Google’s first page. The best way to get there is by using Google’s Keyword Tool to get the keyword popularity. Bidding on keywords that relate to what you’re offering is great too. Make sure that the keywords you use are not too vague as to not confuse your services with anything else. You must also remember to make use of your headings and titles that you use in your site, it’s way more important than people think. It’s only a matter of investing time and money to get a great SEO strategy. Before you know it, your names will be the first ones to appear when clients are searching for dermatologists online.

  1. Content

Content. Content. Content. It’s all about content. Great content will actually take you places online. It’s vital to know that great content will give you higher chances of getting promoted by Google online. Always publishing informative and useful content will give your website better chances at getting higher rankings.

Many professionals nowadays will start blogs to add new content on their website. Aside from content helping in SEO, it will actually improve your credibility online. Your clients will get the sense of authority and expertise in your field. It’s giving your clients a chance to engage with you and grasp a bit of who you are. Anything from skin care tips, to talking about specific treatments for specific skin type problems. Just make sure that what you’re posting is relevant, informative, and interesting enough to make people continue reading. Don’t forget that people online will appreciate visuals like photos, videos, podcasts, and graphics to engage with your audience. Constantly publishing good content will help you gain a large online community.

  1. Social media marketing for your dermatology practice

Social media is the best place to gain an internet following. You can build your online presence on sites that are most used such as, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even Google+.  It’s pretty much a free marketing tool online, and not a lot of spending is involved. Social media is where you can attract more clients since an average person spends at least 2 hours of their time on social media, while teens will spend 9 hours online with 30% of it allocated to social media.

Time is the only investment needed in social media, your social media accounts is where you can promote your blog, website, services, or even yourself. You can also interact with your potential clients by replying to messages, comments, or tweets. It’s also important to remember that although social media platforms seem to have the same goal, to interact with people, the audiences on different social media platforms still have different expectations on how you engage with them.

  1. Newsletters or email subscriptions are still relevant

It was once believed that emails would soon fadeaway and the newer generation would stop using it. Of course that belief was forgotten when studies show that millennials use it daily. It was also proven that newsletters and email subscriptions as a marketing strategy still works.

Newsletters that feel personalized and deliver results will keep that client from unsubscribing to your newsletters. Keeping your newsletter responsive and creative will make your clients want to keep reading new updates. Make it feel personalized by taking into account the client’s gender and age. Stop overfeeding your clients with your knowledge, as you’re no longer giving them room to ask you questions. Instead of giving your clients overwhelming information in your newsletters or email subscriptions, show them results instead. It will show them your confidence and that you actually deliver results.

  1. Reviews and testimonials

Online reviews will increase your credibility and online presence as a dermatologist. Asking past clients to post honest and positive reviews on your website or social media accounts will get more potential clients to recognize you online. This is vital since there is an increase in the number of online patients reading past reviews. Sharing your reviews online can also get you recognized. Make sure you have your patient’s consent to do so and post in on your blog, website, or social media page. Good online reviews is an easy and efficient way to get better online visibility and enhance credibility.

  1. Deals and offers

Deals and discounts will always catch people’s attention online. It creates a buzz to promote your services and gives you a chance to market your website. Create contests that will give your clients a chance to engage with you by posting photos or videos, the best ones may get a chance to win a gift card or a percentage off on their next visit. You can also offer free consultation for a period of time. A lot of campaigning will go into getting your contest or promos some buzz. Social media, email, e-commerce sites are places where you can post about your contest, deals, and promos.

  1. Online shop

After personally meeting your clients, many will want to maintain a skin care regimen that will cater to their skin type or skin problems. Instead of having your clients visiting your clinic to buy skin products, you can set up an online store. You can sell your skincare products and increase your profit. Your patients can get what they bought delivered to them.

Try some of the tips we’ve given and assess which ones worked for you and which ones did not. If you need any help marketing your dermatology practice,  or you’re looking for a dermatology web design agency, contact us here for a strategy session!


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